Medical Tourism on the Rise- More Canadians Seeking Treatments Abroad

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Medical Tourism on the Rise- More Canadians Seeking Treatments Abroad

Medical Tourism on the Rise- More Canadians Seeking Treatments Abroad

Real Story

Nanci Walsh, a bright resident of Victoria gained 300 pounds when she decided to go for a life-changing surgery. Too much stress and responsibilities at an early age was the prime reason for her gaining much weight. She started suffering from sleep apnea, diabetes and many others complexities of obesity at a very young age.

As she started consulting bariatric experts, she was prescribed gastric-bypass surgery for immediate relief. Unfortunately, the waiting time for her to get this surgery done in Canada was nearly 5 to 7 years. Medical conditions did not allow her such a prolonged waiting time. She instead flew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to get the surgery done at a very reasonable package.

Walsh is one of the many Canadians who are flying to various medical tourism destinations seeking medical treatment abroad without any delay. These incidents have bought the inadequacy of Canadian medical services to light as it is highly driving Canadians to risk going under the knife outside the country.

Medical Tourism Fascination for Canadians

An international patient group from Canada travel more frequently to avail medical care via the medical tourism industry. There are a number of reasons why Canadians choose to pursue medical care abroad despite the fact that the country has across the board financed provincial and territorial health care systems.

The far-reaching national healthcare system of Canada provides universal coverage to important surgeries. But still, Canadian medical tourists are more attracted towards medical facilities offered at other destination to avoid surgical times.

Apart from this, Canadians look for cheaper options for medical procedures abroad, under the domestic public insurance plan that they are nationally getting. Elective procedures for Cosmetic surgeries are not covered under such insurance plans but can be accessed at a much lower price at popular medical tourism destinations.

Moreover, the rising numbers are pointing the lack of private medical options in the Canadian health care system, which has contributed greatly to longer wait times.

Long Waiting Time: Prime Reason of Canadians Seeking Medical Tourism

As per a recent study released by The Fraser Institute, the waiting time for surgical medical procedures in Canada has increased in the last two decades and has reached an all-time high. People have to wait for up to 20 weeks for even “medically necessary” procedures like heart surgery or organ transplants.

There are a number of factors identified by experts for this increase in wait time that includes ineffective communication of the provincial government with the various departments of state Health. Apart from this lack of medical facilities and expert doctors in particular regions have also contributed to the prolonged waiting time.

Emergency Medical Needs Getting No Response In Canadian Healthcare System

Canada has remarkably long wait times. As per the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario, local Ontario patients have remained in an emergency for 5.3 hours on an average in January 2018. As per another statistics of the same department, a patient has to wait for an average of 63 days between the doctor's consultation and first surgical appointment.

The Fraser Institute has once issued a report in 2017 that mentions Canadian health care wait times were the highest in the list in over a span of 20 years. Even the wait time between referral and necessary treatment was 21.2 weeks approximately. Other countries, providing universal health care, like Switzerland and Germany, are known to have better wait times than Canada.

Canadian Healthcare System

Restricted Canadian Healthcare System

The Healthcare system of Canada is not entirely universal. It only covers the necessary medical treatments and does not include dental and cosmetic treatments. People of Canada are ready to pay for the elective procedures but cannot able search expert solutions in their country as these treatments are still experimental or 'unproven' in Canada.

Hence, when it comes to choosing between cost and time, Canadians have a smart choice to make. The usually outshine any doubts regarding cause to avail the best medical procedures abroad as they are ready to pay for best treatment solutions.

Medical Travelers from Canada seek out different medical procedures abroad that include everything from dental makeovers, plastic surgery, fertility, obesity, chronic disease treatment and stem cell treatments.

More Choices of Elective Procedures outside Canada

Fraser Institute released a study in 2017 that mentions a sharp increase in Canadians leaving the country for medical care in 2016. Nearly 46000 people left Canada to avail medical treatment at various medical tourism destinations in the year 2015. The number went up to 64000 in the year 2016 as more people were attracted to affordable medical packages provided by various medical facility providers across different destinations of medical tourism such as Mexico, Costa Rica and other Latin American destinations.

After the initiation of the think-tank’s study in 2014, more Canadian medical tourists have been recorded to move to other countries to avail elective procedures and wellness programs. Here we have to understand the hidden cause of such a steady increase in Canadians going outside of the country for medical treatment. It is nothing but the advancement in a potential medical facility provided by adjoining countries at affordable packages. The destination countries have a potential impact on Canadian in terms of unique medical solutions in the field of dentistry and cosmetology.

The major population of Canada can afford plastic surgeries and dental makeovers to enhance their appearance but are not getting such opportunities in their own land. This is the secondary reason, apart from the long waiting time for medical treatments in Canada that has contributed to the attraction of medical tourism to most Canadians.

Medical Tourism Attractions for Canadians

Many healthcare companies in Canada promote medical facilities in countries like Costa Rica, India, and Thailand. Apart from high-end medical services, these companies offer holiday tours for the patients and even arrange stays at luxurious hotels and resorts. These medical service providers commit to providing complete access to every treatment opportunity along with air travel and hotel accommodations. The "all-inclusive" packages covering different medical procedures ensure affordable, timely and high-quality medical care.

These medical service providers provide critical illness insurance plans along with uniquely designed insurance products that help the patients get affordable medical care outside Canada. Patients can analyze the company websites and decide whether to book travel and side trips in destination nations. The service providers usually arrange for the hotel reservations and coordinate tours. This attracts more patients to avail the treatment packages at various medical tourism destinations.

Ending Words

The overall low costs and shorter waiting time at various medical tourism destinations have given access to Canadians to reach out to many elective procedures which are other ways unavailable to them domestically. The different trans-national medical care proliferates emerged in various countries has created new health iniquities amongst people.

Very similar to the Americans, Canadian is also crossing borders to avail cheaper medication facilities abroad. They are ready to pay from their pockets instead of being treated through their nationalized health care system as they seek unique elective medical procedures for them.

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