Healing with Physiotherapy in Croatia


Unexpected things always manage to occur when you least expect them. Mr. Jackson is a perfect example of that. Jackson had saved money and taken time off work to live his dream of a walking tour through Europe. Arriving in London anxious, excited and prepared for an adventure of a lifetime, Jackson was nevertheless sidelined by a sudden case of plantar fasciitis. This condition caused extreme heel pain, caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue that extends from the heel to the toe bones, makes it extremely difficult to place pressure on the foot, let alone walk.

Jackson considered his options, which involved either abandoning his walking adventure all together or seeking treatment. He remembered mention of a health spa in Croatia that he had noticed while researching medical and health spas throughout Europe.

Terme Selce has a worldwide reputation as one of the leading sports and medical health spas in Europe. Jackson called Terme Selce and spoke with Millie, the customer relations representative, and made arrangements to travel to the coastal resort village a short distance from Dubrovnik.

Terme Selce Offers Effective Therapy

Terme Selce is one of the most popular sports therapy and sports injuries treatment and injury prevention centers in Europe. Offering an advanced professional sports therapy program, Terme Selce focuses on sports rehabilitation and physical therapy. Doctors and staff at Terme Selce specialize in physical medicine, and are official doctors of the Croatian National Ski Team, the Croatian Olympics Medical Committee, and offer superlative physical therapy and sports injury treatments to Olympic athletes.

Jackson, suffering not only from plantar fasciitis but also knee arthritis, discovered that their prices were less than half of what were charged by Italian health spas offering similar services.  He arrived at the comfortable and private facility at the coastal resort village, surprised to find several world class athletes in residence, including a silver medalist in gymnastics from the 2008 Olympic Games, various members of the Croatian National teams including soccer and European handball, and even a member of the Turkish National basketball team.

"The clinic is a residential renovation of the former home of the two doctors who own and run it, a married couple who do a wonderful job of creating a family atmosphere in the facility," says Jackson. "After the doctors examined me, the genial staff bombarded my foot and knee with every kind of therapy imaginable for seven hours a day; ultrasound, magnets, electrical stimulation, suction, ice, manipulation, stretching, and Theraband resistance."

After such individualized attention, Jackson also received daily massages and daily workouts in the gym. Extremely pleased with their attention, therapy and cost, Jackson remarks, "the podiatrist I saw later in London told me that $140 a day is spent at Terme Selce would get me one hour of therapy and London."

Healing At Terme Selce

Terme Selce is located along a beautiful coast not far from the Adriatic, whose sea water is known to have restorative qualities. During his breaks in therapy, Jackson was more than happy to soak up the sunshine along the beach. As his foot and knee healed, he enjoyed moonlit walks along the beach at night, crowded but not overly so by villagers who thronged the boardwalk every evening.

As he grew stronger, Jackson explored and roamed the hills and valleys of Croatia. "Dubrovnik, where the first American tourists on my tour of Croatia surfaced, certainly deserves its current trendy status. It has a spectacular harbor setting, and a remarkably well preserved and still quite functional old walled city that is a UNESCO world heritage site."

Extremely pleased with the attention and treatment he received at Terme Selce, Jackson has no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Terme Selce to others seeking the best in physical and sports therapy and afforidability.

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