Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Antalya, Turkey

Which 10 Questions you Should Ask Before Going for Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

Those who are at high risk of developing breast cancer or already have been diagnosed with it might be advised to opt for breast reconstructive surgery. This surgical procedure is performed to rebuild the breast/breasts. Typically, reconstructive breast surgery is performed after mastectomy or lumpectomy in some cases. The plastic surgeon uses an artificial implant to create a breast shape or uses a tissue flap from another part of your body. Sometimes, both artificial implant and flap of tissue are used for breast reconstruction.

Questions You Should Ask a Plastic Surgeon before Going for a Reconstructive Breast in Antalya, Turkey

When you are going to a new place for surgery like breast reconstruction you will have a lot of doubts and queries in your mind. It is very important to ask questions to the doctor and get all your doubts clear. Here is a list of ten questions that you can ask a plastic surgeon before going for the surgery in Antalya, Turkey:

  1. How long are you performing breast reconstruction surgery in Antalya, Turkey?
  2. Am I a suitable candidate for breast reconstruction?
  3. What type of reconstruction is best for me?
  4. What type of reconstruction are you experienced with?
  5. How the reconstructed breast will feel to touch?
  6. What will be the options if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery?
  7. How much pain or discomfort will I feel?
  8. How long I will have to stay in the hospital and Antalya, Turkey post-surgery?
  9. Will breast reconstruction interfere with radiotherapy or chemotherapy?
  10. How the result of the surgery will impact if I lose or gain weight?

Benefits of the Breast Reconstructive Surgery in the Antalya, Turkey

When you choose Antalya, Turkey for your breast implant surgery, you will enjoy several benefits like:

  • Experienced plastic surgeons
  • Best facilities at the clinic
  • Affordable cost
  • Improve body image, self-esteem and well-being
  • More natural in feel and appearance
  • Better outcome than breast implants
  • Improves the breasts’ appearance damaged by breast cancer or other diseases

Thus, it is a great choice to go through breast reconstruction in Antalya, Turkey. If you want to search for the best clinics, doctors and packages for reconstructive breast surgery in Antalya, Turkey, let PlacidWay assist you.

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