Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey – Definition and Procedures

Definition and Procedures Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey

Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey is one of the best therapies that can provide solutions for diseases, disorders, and other health problems that occur due to bacterial attack. Turan Turan Health Group provides Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey as a solution for various health problems caused by bacteria, especially in the orthopedic field. Before discussing further, it would be nice if you first learn what Bacteriophage is and what the procedure is like.

What is Bacteriophage Treatment?

Bacteriophages are viruses that specifically recognize and destroy bacteria and refer to them as "bacteria eater". Bacteriophages are known as the most common organisms in nature, it helps to keep the balance of the nature and preventing the excessive reproduction of bacteria in the world. Phages are found in water sources such as sea and ocean much. And they are also found in animals and humans in natural conditions such as mouth, lung and intestinal microflora.

Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey have the ability to remove bacteria from the environment without harming human cells. Thanks to these properties, it has been an important and reliable treatment method used in the treatment of bacterial infections, and also offers an alternative treatment to antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance has become an important health problem worldwide in recent years. It is because of the mutation variety of the infection-causing bacteria over time, it become resistant to antibiotics, causing many infection treatments to fail. Therefore, bacteriophage therapy provides successful treatment as a promising method against antibiotic resistance.

In Which Diseases Can Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey Be Used?

Bacteriophage therapy has a wide range of applications in diseases caused by bacteria, from lung infections to otolaryngological infections. In the field of orthopedics:

  • Treatment of diabetic foot wounds
  • Treatment of implant-related infections
  • It can be applied in the treatment of osteomyelitis (bone inflammation).

It has been seen in many clinical applications that bacteriophage treatment gives successful results against progressive infections that do not heal despite serious antibiotics treatment for a long time.

How is Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey Applied?

In treatment, microbial analysis is done first and the type of bacteria causing infection is determined. Then the specific bacteriophage that will clear this type of bacteria is determined. The prepared bacteriophage solution is applied depending on the infection site and size. Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey can be reapplied as determined by the doctor and periodic checks are performed.

First of all, the type of bacteria that causing infection is determined by using microbial analysis. Then doctor determines and decides the specific bacteriophage that will be clear this type of bacteria which is determined before. The prepared bacteriophage solution is applied depending on the infection site and size. Bacteriophage treatment can be reapplied as determined by the doctor and periodic checks are performed.

Advantages of Bacteriophage Treatment in Turkey

The most important advantage of bacteriophage therapy is that it is a harmless treatment method and no serious side effects have been seen so far. On the other hand, antibiotics have side effects, especially on intestinal disorders. Long-term use of antibiotics can damage various organs such as the liver. Bacteriophages are highly specific viruses and act directly on the type of bacteria they target. Thus, it does not have a negative effect on natural microflora in humans. Bacteria can accumulate in dense communities to form structures called biofilms. Bacteriophages can penetrate these biofilm layers and remove bacteria.

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