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My Dentist is a full service and ISO 9001 laboratory-attached dental facility located in Mumbai, India. Everyone wants a beautiful smile, and staff at My Dentist want to help their patients achieve not only beautiful smiles, but long term dental wellness. Placing a premium on quality, the dentists and  staff at My Dentist clinic offer the best in quality care to global travellers.

Treatments Offered at My Dentist
No one really goes to the dentist unless they know they'll receive comforting, experienced care and little to no discomfort, regardless of the procedure. My Dentist focuses on providing such care for every type of dental patient. Whether you're visiting because of a nagging toothache or an impending and immediate need for a root canal or oral surgery, the dentists and staff at My Dentist know that, for most people, sitting in a dentist's chair is the last place you want to be.

My Dentist specializes in a variety of dental techniques in order to make the dental experience more comfortable for patients. My Dentist offers practices and procedures that focus on causing less anxiety and discomfort, faster healing, and excellent results. Laser dental surgery at My Dentist enables experienced dental practitioners to perform a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures in the dental office. Diode lasers are also utilized to perform routine teeth cleaning and plaque removal.

Other services provided by My Dentist include:

  • Flap surgery
  • Bone grafting
  • Guided tissue regeneration (GTR)
  • Connective tissue graphing
  • Sinus lift operations
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Full mouth rehabilitation

"We engage an exhaustive examination and assessment procedure in order to ensure the best in choices and achievements for patients," states Dr. Viral Turakhia, specializing in periodontology and implant dentistry. "We import our dental materials from America and Europe to ensure quality dental treatments, available at a fraction of the cost you'd pay in your home country."

My Dentist offers a number of dental packages for travellers, including:

  • Laser smile designing - US$300 to $600
  • Laser Flap surgery - (Full Mouth) - US$1,000
  • Laser Bonding with cosmetic filling (per tooth) - US$300
  • Laser Periodontal surgeries (Quadrant) - US$300-400

Travellers to India save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on treatments performed in India, and not due to lack of quality materials, equipment or expertise. Treatments are cheaper because of a different health care delivery system, coupled with much lower demand for medical malpractice insurance.

"Dr. Viral was highly recommended by family members who received complex dentistry," writes Tanya Khan. "Our treatment started promptly, professionally and the care was second to none."

Feedback like that is what My Dentist thrives on. Taking the fear out of visiting the dentist is considered a major goal in the physical and mental comfort levels of patients who come through their door.

Dentists at My Dentist facility are highly trained in a number of specialties, including:

  • Oral surgery
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontitic procedures
  • Orthodontics
  • Endodontic procedures
  • Oral surgery

"We're proud to join our efforts with My Dentist in offering accessible and affordable dental care to medical and dental travellers in India," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical and dental provider resource for global consumers.

Travelling To India For Dental Care
Consumer medical travel is a viable and accessible method of receiving adequate medical and dental care in the 21st century. More people are travelling across borders to receive high quality, affordable and experienced dental care in India. 

"I was quite impressed with the ease with which Dr. Viral did a single sitting full mouth flap surgery treatment. It was absolutely painless. The surgical protocols are meticulously followed and the postoperative care is astonishing," writes Mrs. Jasmine Kothari.

India has long been a leader in providing superlative medical and dental care and facilities like My Dentist make it easy to understand why.

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by: PlacidWay | My Dentist

2010-10-10 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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