South Korea has long held the reputation of being one of the leading countries in the world in the advancement of medical discoveries, treatments, technologies and procedures, and continues to do so well into the 21st century. Medical tourism in South Korea is booming and continues to grow, thanks to their innovative, qualified and experienced approach to medicine in fields such as  spinal care, obesity and bariatric surgical procedures, and its world-class physicians, surgeons and facilities.

Not only does South Korea offer global travelers the best in medical care and service delivery, but lower prices for medical care. Rising healthcare costs and concerns regarding availability of care in countries like the U.S., Canada and Great Britain has caused an influx of travelers in South Korea to facilities

 like the Wooridul Spine Hospital, and the 365mc’s Obesity clinic and Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul.

Cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and surgical tools and design has propelled South Korea into a major position of leading in cosmetic and plastic surgery as well as cardiac care, orthopedic procedures and dentistry.

Traveling to South Korea for Medical Care
South Korea offers travelers a glimpse into another culture and environment, steeped in tradition and culture not seen in the west. However, medicine and medical practices in South Korea are ultra-modern and offer the best in quality care, patient-centered service and a full range of accredited medical facilities.

According to statistics offered by medical tourism experts in South Korea, pricing for most procedures offered in top locations like Seoul are over ten times lower than the cost for the same procedure or treatment in the U.S. This savings is not the result of substandard care or facilities, quite the contrary. Lower costs for surgical procedures and medical treatments are available because of different health care delivery systems. In the U.S. costs are directly affected by the high cost of necessary and required medical malpractice insurance.

Physicians and surgeons in South Korea are able to offer their treatments, procedures, and surgeries unburdened by such needs, offering patients the quality they’re looking for at prices they can afford.

Benefits of Care in South Korea
The cost of airline, accommodation, and entertainment is often less when traveling to locations throughout South Korea than the cost of a single surgery or hospital stay in the United States, and also offers the benefit of a higher patient-to-doctor ratio than is currently available in the U.S.

Less wait time, easy transfer of medical information through secure health information systems, and greater options for treatments and medications have encouraged patients from around the world to travel across borders for their medical care. Medical care abroad is a growing trend that continues to increase in popularity as the stigma of cross-border travel decreases and patients are educated on the benefits of global travel.

Even ten years ago, most people remained wary of global medical travel, but with tens of thousands of travelers flying to foreign destinations for their medical and dental care growing every year, the qualifications, effective results and prognosis of patients have spread through medical providers such as PlacidWay.

"We offer up-to-date medical information regarding treatments, drug therapies and procedures on our website, as well as transparent pricing and listings of qualifications, education and experience of physicians and surgeons around the globe," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a growing medical provider based in Denver, Colorado. "We want people to realize they have options, even if those options require travel. Today, some of the best providers and experts are located in places like South Korea, Jordan and South America. It's time that patients know about these destinations, facilities and options for their own health and wellbeing."

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