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It's not always easy to recuperate from a bone or joint injury, as anyone who has experienced a ligament tear or a fractured nose. Dozens of patients who attended therapy sessions and treatment plans at Terme Selce, a world-renowned sports injury clinic, can attest to the excellence of services and procedures that helped them quickly get back on their feet and back to their normal lifestyles and activities.

The Terme Selce sports and rehabilitation facility located in beautiful Terme Selce, Croatia, has provided sports medicine, sports medicine physical therapy, orthopedic services, rehabilitation and physical therapy services for the past two decades, including Olympic athletes.

Through the combined benefits of a friendly atmosphere, educated and highly trained and gifted staff, and combining a holistic approach to client well-being that blends emotional, physical, and medical practices, Terme Selce has become one of the favorite rehabilitative resorts and facilities located on the Adriatic Sea.

Terme Selce Receives Glowing Thanks from Global Athletes
Says V?snja L., "Thank you for all care, kindness, attention and kind words you use to encourage are patients.  If you are truly a well-coordinated ensemble without any off-key chords that gets on well with people that help and complement each other with lots of energy and goodwill.  Don't ever change, because this is also an important part of the therapy."

It's obvious that most patients appreciate more than mere medical and physical anatomical knowledge and structure.  Individuals seeking therapy also need understanding, compassion, and caring support.  Individuals from all over the world visit Terme Selce for just this reason. Says basketball player Frana P., "I have been staying at Terme Selce since I was 14. I want to say thank you to Dr. Brozicevic, and to all employees of Terme Selce, for successful treatments of past, present and future injuries and for keeping me good company."

What more praise can a doctor or team of doctors and professionals ask for? Terme Selce offers the best a medical spa has to offer, including a physio-sauna, bio-bath and massage for hands and feet, aromatherapy treatments, and a variety of massage techniques to enhance rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and function to individuals experiencing sporting injuries.

Terme Selce offers sports programs and rehabilitation that include but are not limited to sports injury prevention, diagnostics and therapy as well as individual conditioning programs, testing and evaluation," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a medical resource and provider was partnered with term as cell say for years.  "We understand that not only lay people, but professional athletes appreciate physical can easy of therapy of sports related conditions, and the importance of excellent and qualified post surgical rehabilitation."

Dozens of letters and notes of praise, greetings and well wishes from former and current patients of the staff at Terme Selce attest to the excellence, care and compassion of their staff.  Staff is dedicated to providing for the emotional and physical needs of every client who walks through their doors.

We provide the best in sports medicine physical therapy in Croatia as well as orthopedic and rehabilitative services in our facility in Terme Selce. We offer affordable services at our world class facility to individuals seeking health and rehabilitation, regardless of country of origin," states Dr. Vlasta Brozicevic, M.D., a specialist in physical medicine in rheumatology, sports physician, and official doctor of the Croatian National Ski Team.

It doesn't get much better than that. Smiles Šime Š., "In life, there are nice moments as well as bad ones…  the best five months of my life I spent with you, the staff of Terme Selce."

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