Looking Good: Seniors Seeking Youth

The desire to look youthful, active and capable is not age-related. Whether you're 20 years old or 70, people want to look their best. Seniors, especially those who find themselves looking for work prior to or during a short-lived retirement, are among the numbers of individuals seeking plastic surgery in the hopes of not only enhancing their appearance, but being more accepted in the workplace and in society.

Unfortunately, society today still applies certain stereotypes to seniors. However, the number of wrinkles on your face does not have anything to do with your energy level, your capability, your skill or experience. Increasing numbers of seniors are finding that a nip here and a tuck there is all that is needed to give them a fresher, younger appearance and a greater chance at competing with a younger generation when it comes to workplace stability, and general acceptance in society.

In the not so distant past, many individuals, including seniors, would have been mortified if anyone asked them if they'd had "something done".  Today, the stigma and embarrassment regarding cosmetic surgery is on the decline.

Changing Attitudes
Research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons discovered that today, nearly 80% of seniors who have had a cosmetic procedure would be perfectly open about discussing their cosmetic surgery. Whether it's an eyelid, a chin lift, a nose job, breast lift or abdominoplasty or liposuction, American seniors are not only pleased with their results, but also more than willing to share their experiences than ever before.

Increasing numbers of seniors are engaging in cosmetic procedures. According to the studies performed by the ASPS, nearly 700,000 individuals have undergone either a surgical or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the last year.

Is it foolish for an 80-year-old to have cosmetic surgery? Not at all. The desire to look good and to present "your best face" is as important to a septuagenarian as it is to a 20-year-old. What are the most common procedures for seniors today?  Eyelid surgeries, facelifts, and liposuction top the list, but older Americans are also enjoying the benefits of breast lifts, augmentations, and implants. Laughs an 83-year old California woman, "at my age, your breasts go in one direction in your brain goes in another."

Individuals past the age of 65 are more active and engaged in social interaction than ever before. They're enjoying good health so why not? Self-confidence, pride, and dignity are improved and enhanced when a person knows that he or she looks good.

Is it Safe?
As long as an individual is in good health, cosmetic surgery for older people poses no greater risk than potential surgical complications to younger people. However, seniors and their doctors and plastic surgeons must be made aware of complications, slightly longer recovery periods, and the need to carefully monitor medications when necessary.

Some plastic surgeons performing procedures on those over 65 years of age may request a green light from that individual's primary care provider. This is because procedures requiring an individual to undergo general anesthesia may be at greater risk for complications during a surgical procedure due to their physical condition.

The Bottom Line
With seniors in engaged in longer employment, putting off retirement, living longer and leading more active lifestyles, it's not surprising to see increasing numbers of the over-65 age group seeking to reduce wrinkles, age spots, or loose skin. After all, while it's what's on the inside the counts the most, it never hurts to look good on the outside, regardless of your age.

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