I am very happy to provide you with my personal experience and why I felt so at ease with my decision to travel to Argentina to be operated by Dr. Brosto. I, as yourself, felt a bit afraid to travel to a foreign country for surgery as I had heard horror stories of complications, risks involved with having any medical procedure outside of the United States. I live here in San Francisco, CA.

The most important elements in your assessment of any doctor is to obtain as much information about the doctor as possible, evaluate his credentials, his dedication to quality, his upholding your best interest, and most importantly, his evaluation of your health and any potential risks prior to surgery. Thorough communication and taking the opportunity to speak with Dr. Brosto directly prior to your visit is also a key to your feeling completely at ease and confident with your decision to trust this process.

I highly recommend, as I did myself, that you also have a full health assessment from your own physician and communicate your desire for cosmetic surgery and if he/she feels that based on your current health assessment, that it is safe for you to proceed. Take a copy of your assessment from your physician to Argentina upon your decision as the doctor will also perform his own medical assessment with a certified cardiologist as well as medical testing processes prior to his performing your surgery.

I will speak from my heart now and convey my own experience. I had been seeking for qualified cosmetic surgery at affordable prices here in the city for many years prior; however, I knew that it would expensive and most of the doctors that I interviewed were qualified, perhaps, but I did not feel the heart to heart connection with them. To them, I was all about the money they would obtain from me for their services. And their fees were so high that I knew I could not afford it for many years to come. I did not feel they were very personable to me nor did they truly care about me or have my best interest in mind.

In 2004, I began to research the internet in order to possibly find an option that would provided me with an opportunity to obtain quality cosmetic surgery of the highest caliber from a licensed and fully credited doctor at an affordable price here in the US. The only options made available to me were programs that supported student surgeons in obtaining patients to operate on in order that they obtain the practice they needed to complete their residency prior to becoming certified cosmetic surgeons. Upon their interview of myself, they declined me as a patient because I was too young and they preferred more elderly patients that would give the student surgeons patients that would require surgery for drastic and dramatic changes. I would not be able to provide them this opportunity and again, the program was designed to aid the student in their practice. I did not provide them with enough challenge for this endeavor.

I was 37 at the time when I had the privilege of finding Dr. Brosto. Dr. Brosto changed my life for a more richer one with much self esteem. I was operated by Dr. Brosto in May of 2005. I can sincerely guarantee that Dr. Brosto is a true artist, a qualified doctor, and a true professional assisted as well by his professional medical team. He is a person who is genuine at heart and cares for his patients first above all things and possesses the highest caliber of skill and professionalism--he is a genuine artist that will perform a true work of art uniquely to your needs and desires.

At the time, my self esteem was very low as it had been since I was a little girl as I grew up believing and feeling unworthy, feeling that I was not pretty and believed that if I could change my appearance, that I could look in the mirror and feel for the first time that I was beautiful on the outside as I felt loving and kind on the inside.

Dr. Brosto pertained to an agency at the time where only doctors of the highest caliber with quality reputation and with vast years of experience were able to perform cosmetic surgeries for their agency.

At the time, I decided to ask for Dr. Brosto's phone number to speak with him personally over the phone to get a feel for who he was and to obtain his feedback concerning the procedures and outcomes I was interested in obtaining as well as his recommendations. To my surprise he himself picked up the phone and immediately I felt I very confident in my decision as he answered all of my questions with true sincerity. He was very kind, listened attentively to all of my concerns, provided his recommendations with soothing calmness and sincerity as he is a true professional that will look into your needs uniquely and offer you the best possible options avoiding unnecessary surgery and cost and provide you with the most beautified and natural outcome.

I was treated with respect, sincerity, professionalism, and kindness. I remember expressing to him, "I do not wish to go to Argentina and run the risk of coming back disfigured!" (as I have heard many horror stories concerning surgery in other countries). Dr. Brosto assured me that he would only provide surgery that was necessary and that was not only beautifying to me personally but that was the most natural in appearance.

As I spoke with Dr. Brosto, I could appreciate that his utmost concern was my well-being and I felt so well taken care of even if it was over the phone. And that Dr. Brosto was not about the money as his motivation but of my best interest uniquely. He was very sincere, professional, kind, funny, and took time to create a custom surgery agenda just for me to achieve my desired outcomes with the most minimal of invasive surgeries with techniques that would contribute to a fast recovery time.

My surgeries were a mini tummy tuck, liposuction on my waste, abs, and hips; eyelid surgery to remove a bit of excess fat from my eyelids, a bit of fat removed from under my chin and a mini lateral face lift.

Once more, I would like to reiterate that it is required to have a medical assessment and physical exam prior to surgery. I had mine done here in the states by my own physician. Upon arriving in Argentina, I was given additional exams by their doctors in order that the doctor have a full assessment of my health and to assess any potential risks. This, as well, assured me that every precaution was being taken prior to my surgery and that if there was any risks health wise, that I knew that they would convey this to me and not perform any medical procedures that would put my life or health in jeopardy.

Currently, with Dr. Brosto, you will be given a personal assistant and translator services. His staff will help provide you with accommodations of your personal preference. I, myself, stayed at a bed and breakfast as I wished for privacy and room service. Laura will ensure you are given your very own personal assistant to provide you translation services, ensure you are picked you up at the airport, escorted to all your appointments, and you will be provided a 24/7 cell phone service in order that they are on call at any time to meet your needs.

Accommodations are given at the most affordable cost as the US dollar is 3 times higher in value over the Argentinean peso. You will definitely feel "rich" financially during your stay as your dollars go a very long way. I was in Argentina for 2 full weeks and only spent $144 for all my meals including accommodations and some entertainment.

My experience with all medical staff is that they were very caring in nature, responsible to you at all times, went out of their way to buy me food, water, and ensure that I was taken care of prior to surgery as well as post surgery as I felt a bit nauseous after the second surgery which was the mini tummy tuck and liposuction in 4 areas.

During both my surgery days, there was about 8 medical staff in the operating room including a cardiologist. At the time of my surgeries, the ambiance was soothing, calm, professional, and truly unthreatening. The environment was extremely clean and sanitary as was very important to me as I would not have had surgery done had it not been an extremely clean ambiance. Their clinics are private and very homey.  Perhaps luxury is not their focus but their clinics are professional medical offices that are clean and most important very sanitary.

During surgery, there was even soft music playing in the background and again, Dr. Brosto, his professional medical staff will ensure that they monitor your surgery at all times and take every precaution to ensure to avoid any risks and take the proper care of unforeseen risks if they were to arise.

When my bandages came off, I was too shy to look in the mirror as I had always felt low self esteem to the point that I would not look at people in the eye and would avoid people at all costs due to my self-consciousness and feeling of low self-worth. But I had been ready for a change for such a long time and is why upon finding Dr. Brosto felt as a blessing, and I am so happy that I took that leap of faith.

I saw myself in the mirror and could not help to realize that I looked as young as when I 12 years old as my eyes were no longer droopy but joyful looking and pulled a bit up on the sides and top, my double chin was gone, my cheekbones were lifted in appearance, I went from a size 8 with a bulgy stomach to a size 4 in waist and thighs and abs, and I had a flat stomach for the first time in my life. I will send you a picture of myself about 3 months after surgery as I had a picture taken just for fun (something I always avoided doing before. I always avoided having my picture taken). I do not have before and after pictures but do have a picture I am sending that I took shortly after returning home to San Francisco a few months later.

My immediate recovery time was short. I did not have any bruising on my body other than a little slightly green and yellow discoloration on the sides of my face due to the lateral face lifting. And some swelling of my eyelids due to upper eyelid surgery. The tummy tuck will take about 3-9 months to fully heal from the inside. The outside felt a little uncomfortable as I had incisions. I went to Walgreen and purchased silicone patches that I placed right on top of the thin scar to help it heal. The incisions on my head took about 9 months to fully recover as I still felt a bit of tenderness for those months ahead (lost a bit of hair but grew back and thin scar remained tender for about 6 months). Do not lift anything heavy for about 9 months. I was able to lead a normal life after 10 days but again I avoided lifting anything as you want to let your body fully recover and that takes a little time to be on the safe side. The incisions close almost immediately.

I purchased support suits after my surgery. I found them on the internet upon my coming back from Argentina as I needed to have a support suit that I could wear under my cloths and be unnoticeable. I recommend you purchase prior to surgery. My support suits helped my recovery period tremendously and gave my body the support it needed to heal comfortably.

I am truly very happy not only with my experience in Argentina and the friends I continue to cherish but also my surgery as it gave me the self esteem, confidence, gratitude, and the self love that I needed and never had.

I highly recommend this experience with all sincerity as I would not do so if I had not experienced it myself. It is very important to feel very confident and comfortable with interactions, communication with the doctor and until you feel that all your inquiries have been answered without a doubt, then proceed to go with your heart.
I do plan to see Dr. Brosto again by October of this year for sure. I thank you very much for your inquiry and again, Dr. Brosto and his medical staff are there to help you and are sincere in their desire to make this process a very comfortable, nurturing, and positive one with safety always in mind. I am very certain that you will make true friends in Argentina that will last a lifetime as I have found my experience to be. This experience and leap of faith changed my life, and I am very grateful to have found such a beautiful group of people with big big hearts and true professionalism and most importantly, are very human, caring, and sincere in nature. And yes, it was truly worth it.

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