Dr. Irfana Akther, MBBS, MAHM (UK), Stem Cell Therapy - Tumkur, India

4, Promenade Road, Frazer Town, Bengaluru - 560005 Tumkur, India
Associated Center: ICAM Wellcare Clinic
Speciality: Stem Cell Therapy,
Focus Area: Dr. Irfana Akther, MBBS, MAHM (UK) | Tumkur | India |

About - Dr. Irfana Akther, MBBS, MAHM (UK)

Dr. Irfana Akther is a distinguished medical professional for regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy with an MBBS degree and holds a Master's in Advanced Healthcare Management (MAHM) from the UK. With a diverse background in both clinical medicine and healthcare management, Dr. Akther brings a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to her practice. She is deeply passionate about patient-centered care and continually seeks to enhance her skills and expertise in the field of regenerative medicine. Dr. Irfana Akther's commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in stem cell therapy ensures that her patients receive the most advanced and innovative treatments available. Her empathetic approach and dedication to providing exceptional medical care make her a trusted and highly sought-after expert in the realm of stem cell therapies.


Costs of Stem Cell Therapy procedures in IndiaPricesEnquire
Cartilage Regeneration Stem Cell Therapy in Chennai, India$5000 - $10000Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in Kolkata, India$4617Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Eye Diseases in Mumbai, India$300 - $13388Enquire
Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Navi Mumbai, India$12000Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in New Delhi, India$2000 - $12000Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy in Noida, India$8500Enquire
Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Pune, India$7000Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in Sultanpur, India$3383Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy in Vadodara, India$9300 - $16000Enquire

ICAM Wellcare Clinic reviews

  • Sharon W

    It was a great treatment. I intend to go have another colonic. I actually had better bowel movements after it. The vitzmin C intervenous helped very much.

    ICAM Wellcare Clinic Feb 26 2021
  • Lindsay N M A

    ICAM Wellcare is an amazing clinic in Bangalore for your health, wellness, and detox needs. I come here regularly now for the IV vitamin therapy as well as detox treatments such as colon hydrotherapy and chelation. The staff is amazing and Dr. Irfana is very kind, she will take great care of you & make you feel right at home! I always leave feeling great and grateful for my health! Definitely visit here and make your health a habit! Thank you Dr Irfana & team.

    ICAM Wellcare Clinic Jan 15 2022
  • Shashikiran S

    I have been visiting ICAM clinic from past many years. About the facility itself it is very neat and tidy and I feel at home. I often take colon Hydrotherapy , and the machine which is used is a very high tech machine from Germany , which also has facility to provide ozone. I can simply say Colonic irrigation from ICAM is the best in Bangalore and maybe rest of India and few places abroad. Keeping Colon clean cures and prevents many diseases is what i understand, and unclean colon is host to many deadly diseases. Dr Irfana and her Staff are very friendly and have highest interest of Patient well being. I was able to bring down my Blood pressure and improve my energy levels through IV's, Chelation, Vitamin IVs and , Colonics. I have also been able to remove many gallstones and have saved my Gallbladder through series of Liver flushes.

    ICAM Wellcare Clinic Mar 17 2022
  • Shaima A

    I had a great time with Dr. Irfana and the team. My father and i spent a whole week getting treated with IV’s to detox the liver. From a combination of high dose Vitamin C, Glutathione, Curcumin and other treatments. Both our conditions improved drastically after we travelled back home. Their service is friendly and you’re well taken care of. You feel like you are leaving your family behind after it all comes to an end. Passing my love and regards to everyone.

    ICAM Wellcare Clinic May 04 2022
  • Saud A

    Dr Irfana and her team are exemplary. From their gut treatment clinic to the range of IV and nutritional support, iCAM truly takes an interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach towards promoting health and well being.
    Thank you Dr Irfana for your personalised and unwavering care for your patients. I highly recommend the Curcumin IV treatments for supporting health and well being. Speak to Dr Irfana to get a personalised treatment plan. She is very happy to adjust and tailor the treatment to your needs and offers nutritional and supplement support as well.

    ICAM Wellcare Clinic Jun 02 2021

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