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Following completion of her Master's degree in 1993, Gul joined the IVF department of Sevgi Hospital in Ankara. After two years, she was given a wonderful opportunity to study the ICSI technique at Middelheim Hospital in Anvens, Belgium.

On her return from Belgium in 1995, Gul led the team at Ankara City Hospital in her role as IVF laboratory director and embryologist where she stayed for 6 years. She was one of the first embryologists to apply ICSI to IVF cycles in Turkey. In 1998, she assisted Dr. Ahmet Zeki Isik and Dr. Kubilay Vicdan in carrying out the very first blastocyst transfer in Turkey.

Gul's penultimate post was at Ankara's Kavaklidere Hospital, from 2001 until 2007, and here she was able to develop her skills and gain expertise as an embryologist. During this time, Gul was also part of the exam board at Hacettepe University where she scored exams, held interviews and licensed embryology students on completion of their degrees.

Education - Dr. Gul Dagli

1991 - 1993 Middle East Technical University, Ankara - Chemistry Department Master's Degree 1984 - 1987 Middle East Technical University, Ankara - Chemistry Department Bachelor’s Degree

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