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Best Package for Penile Implants in Mexicali, Mexico by Hospital de la Familia

Circuito Brasil No: 82, Parque Industrial 'El Alamo', Baja California, Mexicali, Mexico

Package Price : $13800

Treatment :Urology

By : Family Hospital | Hospital de la Familia

Location : Circuito Brasil No: 82, Parque Industrial 'El Alamo', Baja California Mexicali, Mexico

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Package Details

Penile Implant Surgery ​in Mexico, Mexicali

Best Package for Penile Implants in Mexicali, Mexico by Hospital de la Familia

Do you suffer from Penile Dysfunction? Is your condition putting a social and psychological strain on you? Don’t worry! Penile Implants are a viable solution!

Every year thousands of men travel outside of their country to obtain Penile Implant surgery for medical reasons. The most common reason is erectile dysfunction due to prostate issues such as tumors as well as other issues.

Hospital de la Familia (Family Hospital)’s goal is to make sure you understand what Penile Implant surgery is all about and you feel confident we are your medical travel destination. Believe it or not, penile implant surgery is a lot simpler to perform than what you might be thinking.

Dr. Ismael Avila is an expert in Penile Implant Surgery at Family Hospital in Mexico.

A penile prosthesis is a medical device implanted in the penis requiring a surgical procedure. The device is often used for men with organic or treatment-resistant psychogenic impotence who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

A penile implant or penile prosthesis is one of the treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, when other nonsurgical options, such as medication, injection therapy or vacuum devices fail to offer results. This is a permanent surgical procedure that replaces the spongy tissue inside the penis with rigid, semi-rigid or inflatable cylinders that are completely concealed within the body. By pressing the pump, water or saline is transferred to the cylinders in the penis, inflating them and causing an erection. By pressing the deflation valve under the pump, the fluid returns into the reservoir and the penis are deflated.

How To Get Approved?

Step 1 -We need you to fill out the Medical Intake Form that will be provided by your case manager. It’s important for us to understand the particular reason(s) why you are requesting this procedure as well as provide us with any medical records that state your condition if possible. 

  • Medical Intake Form - Is a digital or physical medical questionnaire that provides personal information about your current health, previous surgeries, family health history, and/or other personal information that we might need to know in order to approve your surgery. Your case manager will provide this information.

Step 2 -Once we have the Medical Intake Form and any particular medical report that we might request from you, we discuss your case with your doctor and get back with you with your approval and final details.

Step 3 -We will perform Pre Op testing such as : CBC test, EKG test, and Torax Xray prior to your surgery. If you’d like to obtain these tests back home, let us know. We will still perform these tests upon arrival.

Penile Implant Surgery Cost in Mexicali, Mexico

Cost of Penile Implant Surgery in Mexicali Mexico

Penile Implant Urology Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction procedure price is $13,800. The urology surgical package includes the following:

  • All pre-operative testing and exams
  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, nursing care
  • All surgeon consultations
  • 2 night stay at Hospital nights
  • 2 night stay at Hotel Lucerna
  • Ground transportation to and from the hospital from the Yuma or San Diego Airport
  • Necessary transportation between hospital and hotel
  • If you are a patient with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 32, the Family hospital will have to add an additional $ 50 USD to your quote.

Package Exclusions

  • After surgery insurance in case of complication
  • Extra nights (if necessary)
  • Flight changes (if necessary)
  • Meals and Medications outside the hospital
  • Physical therapy sessions if needed
  • Medications after surgery (if needed)

Itinerary Overview

  • Day 1 - Pick up San Diego or Yuma. Pre Op testing and doctor consultation. Rest in hospital. 

  • Day 2 - Surgery day, rest in hospital

  • Day 3 - Patient eligible to go to hotel

  • Day 4 - Patient eligible to go back home, transportation is provided back to the airport.

Type of Implant: Penile Implant available in Mexico is the Ultrex 700 AMS.

Hospitalization Required

The procedure will require for you to be in the hospital for 4 nights.

What to Expect From Penile Implant Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico?

An incision in the side of your penis is required, and the procedure only takes 45 minutes to be complete. You should not expect to lose any sensation and the recovery takes only several weeks.

You should be able to go back to your normal sexual lifestyle and your surgeon will give you instructions as to how to use it and how it works.

The procedure is usually performed with blockage or general anesthesia. You should stay in the area for approximately 4 recovery nights.

Benefits of Penile Implant in Mexicali, Mexico

  • Totally concealed in body-Gives the penis a normal look and feel when erect
  • Low risk of infection-High quality of implant materials are used to avoid the risk of infection
  • When other ED treatments fail to work, a penile implant is suggested. This is a long-lasting solution for erection dysfunction
  • The state-of-the-art at Hospital de la Familia is laden with world-class facilities for urological treatments
  • Best-in-the-industry price- Cost of penile implants in Hospital de la Familia can be up to 80% less than what you have to pay in your home country
  • Qualified and experienced doctors and medical staff at Hospital de la Familia ensure treatment with the best results

Why Choose Family Hospital Mexicali, Mexico?

Family Hospital Medical Group has been created with the commitment to provide our users a comprehensive hospital attached to a culture of quality and excellence in service and patient treatment, with specialized doctors, advanced technology and skilled technical and administrative staff.

Not only have the patient and satisfaction as a priority, but they also offer benefits, services, and support required by our doctors.

The hospital has medical services, experience, and technology to assist men, women, children, and the elderly of any age.


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