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Hip Replacement in India

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Total hip replacement procedures and intervention are usually recommended due to deterioration caused by osteoarthritis or accidents that block a person's range of movement, flexibility, and ease. When deciding to undergo this operation  the patient will notice lots of improvements and benefits, such as:

  • Decreased hip pain.
  • Increased mobility, flexibility & movement.
  • Correction of deformity.
  • Equalization of leg length in some cases.
  • Improved strength in the legs.
  • Notable quality of life.
  • Sleep without pain or discomfort.

Every patient is unique, therefore there are various kinds of methods or procedures that are advantageous depending upon the needs of each and every patient. Nowadays hip replacement surgical procedures tend to be minimally invasive surgical treatments that are often recommended after a few investigations like bone scans, MRIs, x-rays and ultrasound to establish the degree of injury to bones in hip joints.

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Who can choose the Hip Replacement Procedures?

Patients must meet a few criteria to be considered for the hip replacement surgical procedure. An orthopedic specialist must be able to see damage to cartilage surrounding the joint area. Also, other symptoms like persistent pain, no relief from medicines, trouble walking, difficulty standing upright from a sitting position, and an incapability to take pleasure in quality of life because of persistent pain and decreased flexibility are not to be left aside. However, unilateral or bilateral hip replacement surgery candidates should know that some factors might rule out hip replacement surgery like uncontrolled high blood pressure levels, weak general health, or disabling heart diseases or infections.

What are the costs for the Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

Depending on the procedure the patient is undergoing, whether it is unilater hip replacement or bilateral hip replacement, the prices vary from $4,300 to $10,000. On average the price for a joint replacement surgery is roaming around $7,800.

What Makes Medical Centers for Hip Replacement In India Different?

  • Clinical excellence and patient care
  • Success rates of international standards
  • Highly experienced doctors and staff with international affiliations
  • Preferred choice for international patients
  • Network of hospitals to help the patient choose an option that suits them better
  • Exclusive international patient care departments to assist with all the needs of a foreigner

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Here are top destinations in India for unilateral or bilateral hip replacement procedures:

Clinic Name
Single Hip Replacement
Price in USD
Bilateral Hip Replacement
Price in USD
$4,500 - $5,000


Benefits of Hip Replacement in India

  • Decreased hip pain.
  • Improved movement & mobility
  • Alteration of deformity
  • Improved leg strength
  • Improved quality of life
  • Return to normal activities is now possible
  • Allows you to sleep without feeling pain


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Choosing the innovative hip replacement techniques and procedures in India,

you will benefit from highly successful and quick results!

For more information about the revolutionary hip replacement techniques in India, contact us!

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