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The Best Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Centres Abroad

, Denver, United States

Package Price : $11000

Treatment :Spine Care/Surgery

By : PlacidWay Medical Tourism

Location : Denver, United States

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Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Centres Abroad, Back Pain Treatment


The Best Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Centres Abroad

Do you experience persistent back pain that isn’t relieved by medications or physical therapy? You might be suffering from disc degeneration (damaged vertebral disc that causes chronic low back or neck pain).

Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) or sometimes called non-fusion spine surgery is a surgical procedure for the cervical and lumbar spine that aims to replace a damaged disc with a mobile artificial disc to maintain the spine’s natural mobility. The artificial disc also prevents abnormal stress or motion on the adjacent spinal vertebra (segments) that might result to further disc degeneration.  

Do you think you need an artificial disc to relieve your back pain?

You need a disc replacement if you:

  • Experience pain from your back that has not been reduced with  medications, physical therapy, injections and chiropractic care
  • Have been diagnosed with disc degeneration

Benefits of ADR

  • Allows normal possible movement after surgery
  • Can return to work earlier than expected  
  • More gradual return to activities vs. allowed movement after fusion surgery.
  • Relieves the pain
  • Lesser incidence of revision surgeries (a surgical procedure that modifies the original implant)

Reasons to choose our doctors & medical centres for ADR

  • Our prices ranges from USD$ 11,000-$63,750 depending on your surgical needs and budget which is cheaper compared to average costs of $35,000 – $75,000!
  • ADR costs are lower compared to standard spinal fusion surgery which can cost up to $100,000 - $115,000 in the US.
  • Experienced and trained doctors & surgeons
  • Accredited and safe medical facilities
  • High tech equipment and facilities
  • Superb customer service

Top Medical Centers & Doctors for Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Worldwide

Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy

Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy

KCM Clinic, Jelenia Gora, Poland

KCM Clinic, Jelenia Gora, Poland

Wu Jing Hospital, Guangzhou, China

Wu Jing Hospital, Guangzhou, China

Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


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