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Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Jalisco Mexico

Package price starting from: $13000
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total
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Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Jalisco, Mexico


Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Jalisco, Mexico


Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic (Jalisco, Mexico) is a renowned, modern orthopaedic center which offers top notch medical care to its patients. The clinic is continuously focusing on training and development of technological advances applied to medicine in order to provide flawless, comprehensive medical services. The specialized and experienced medical team is comprised of highly trained medical professionals concerned about providing state-of-the-art care for the patient's health.

If the hip joint’s cartilage is severely damaged due to osteoarthritis (coxarthrosis) or other causes, regular movements such as walking, sitting down, standing up from a chair can be painful and difficult for you. The hip can be stiff and even taking your shoes or socks on and off can become a challenge. As the disease advances, you will feel pain even at rest.

Within the hip replacement procedure, the damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with prosthetic components.

Hip replacement surgery is highly recommended for:

There are several reasons why the hip replacement surgery may be suitable for you. Patients who receive this procedure often deal with:

  • Severe hip pain that limits daily activities such as walking or bending
  • Moderate or severe hip pain that doesn’t go away during diurnal or nocturnal rest
  • Hip rigidity (stiffness) which limits the ability to move or lift the leg
  • Lack of response to other treatments such as anti-inflammatory medication, physiotherapy, use of crutches, cane etc.

Costs, inclusions, exclusions

At Dr Gustavo Ramirez Orthopedic Surgeon the price for Hip Replacement package starts at $13,000.


  • 2 Hospital day
  • Medical and consultation fee
  • Rent of equipment and prosthesis.


  • Transportation and visa expenses
  • Pre-operative tests
  • Hotel accommodation

Benefits of the hip replacement surgery

  • Increases mobility and movement
  • Corrects deformity
  • The pain is reduced
  • Improved leg strength
  • Improved quality of life
  • The patient will be able to return to his/her normal daily life.


Forget about the pain and start a new, healthy life! Know all about the hip replacement surgery available at Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic! Contact us!

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