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Cheapest Butt Lift with Silicone Implants Package in Istanbul Turkey

, Istanbul, Turkey

Package Price : $2780

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : PlacidWay Turkey Medical Tourism

Location : Istanbul, Turkey

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Butt Lift with Silicone Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Butt Lift with Silicone Implants Package in Istanbul, Turkey

There’s no single woman who don't dream, at least once in her life, of getting that perfectly round, lifted, bubble butt. A contoured bottom not only has a pleasant look, but it’s also a sign of youth, sensuality and fertility.

But women are not the only ones looking for safe methods of shaping their lower body - men are starting to be interested into improving their buttocks’ appearance, as well.

What is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift or butt augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks.

There are two types of buttock augmentation:

1. A traditional excisional butt lift with butt implant

2. A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

While a traditional butt lift uses a silicone implant to enhance the shape of buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lift

uses your own natural fat. Some may opt for a traditional excisional butt lift, some who want to subtly

augment their backsides may prefer the popular Brazilian Butt Lift.

Butt Lift with Silicone Implants Overview

The butt lift with silicone implants is a surgical procedure that reshapes and contours the patients’ butt by lifting it and increasing its volume, achieving a harmonious figure.

The procedure involves inserting a silicone implant into the patient’s buttock (under the gluteal muscles). This implant is specially created for this area, is soft yet solid, aimed at maintaining its shape over time. Just like breast implants, the buttock ones come in various sizes and shapes - the doctor and the patient will choose together which the best option is.

Benefits of the Butt Lift with Silicone Implants

  • Help the patient achieve the perfect lifted, contoured bubble butt
  • Long lasting results
  • Soft, yet solid
  • Provide a natural-looking aspect

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

The prices for the butt lift with silicone implants package in Istanbul, Turkey starts from $2,780 and includes 2 nights at the hospital.

The package excludes:

  • Plane tickets
  • Meals
  • Patients’ personal expenses

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey?

  • Advanced technique
  • The medical team consists of doctors certified by the Turkish Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Every patient will have a treatment plan developed according to his/her needs and expectations
  • Mostly the centers offer transportation from/to the airport, as well as an English speaking guide
  • All the procedures offered are FDA approved and come with guarantee certification


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