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Butt Lift with Silicone Implants in Istanbul, Turkey - $2780

Package price starting from: $2780
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
, Turkey
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Silicon Bum Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Silicon Bum Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

There’s no single woman who doesn't dream, at least once in her life, of getting that perfectly round, lifted, bubble butt. A contoured bottom not only has a pleasant look, but it’s also a sign of youth, sensuality, and fertility.

But women are not the only ones looking for safe methods of shaping their lower body - men are starting to be interested in improving their buttocks’ appearance also.

Butt Lift with Silicone Implants Overview

Buttock Lift With Implants overview

The butt lift with silicone implants is a surgical procedure that reshapes and contours the patients' butt by lifting it and expanding its volume, accomplishing an amicable figure.

The procedure involves inserting a silicone implant into the patient’s buttock (under the gluteal muscles). This implant is specially created for this area, is soft yet solid, aimed at maintaining its shape over time. Just like breast implants, the buttock ones come in various sizes and shapes - the doctor and the patient will choose together which the best option is.

How much Bum Implants Cost in Istanbul Turkey?

The price for the silicon bum implants package in Istanbul, Turkey starts from $2,780 and in the United States, the cost of butt lift surgery is around $7,000 approx.

bum implants cost in Istanbul turkey

Cost Comparison of Butt Lift With the US and Other Countries




Istanbul, Turkey

Butt Lift with Implants


United States

Butt Lift


United Kingdom

Butt Lift



Butt Lift



Butt Lift



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The Procedure of a Buttock Lift Surgery

The Procedure of a Buttock Lift Surgery

During a buttock lift, an abundance of skin and fat are taken out from the buttocks. The excess skin is then repositioned to make a more conditioned look. A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery to work on the presence of the buttocks.

Butt Lift Surgery Before and After in Istanbul, Turkey

buttock lift before and after in Istanbul, Turkey

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Benefits of the Butt Lift with Silicone Implants

  • Help the patient achieve the perfect lifted, contoured bubble butt

  • Long-lasting results

  • Soft, yet solid

  • Provide a natural-looking aspect

Top Clinics For Butt Lift in Istanbul, Turkey

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals​

Florencell Aesthetic & Beauty Center​

Optimed International Hospital

Assoc. Prof. Fatih Irmak Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic

Clinic Center

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Butt Lift in Turkey Includes

  • 2 nights at the hospital.

Butt Lift in Turkey Exclude

  • Plane tickets

  • Meals

  • Patients’ personal expenses

FAQs about Buttock Lift Surgery

FAQs for Buttock Lift Surgery

What is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift, or butt augmentation, is a surgery that improves the shape and size of your buttocks.

What are the Types of Butt Lift?

There are two main types:

  1. Traditional Excisional Butt Lift with Implant: This method uses a silicone implant to change the shape of your buttocks.
  2. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): This popular method uses your own fat to enhance your buttocks, giving a more natural look.

Who Performs Buttock Lift Procedures?

Buttock lift surgeries should be done by experienced surgeons who are experts in cosmetic and plastic surgery. These surgeons should be members of professional groups like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It's important to check that your surgeon has proper training and certification, and you should ask to see before and after photos and any proof of their qualifications.

How Long Does Recovery from a Butt Lift Take?

Recovery time can vary, but most people can return to normal activities within six to eight weeks after surgery. Once the fat cells have stabilized, you can start doing more strenuous activities like running.

How Long Does a BBL Take?

On the day of your surgery, expect to be at the surgery center for about 5 hours. The surgery itself lasts 3-4 hours, with extra time for anesthesia and preparation to go home.

Can I Sit on the Toilet After BBL?

Yes, you can sit on the toilet after a Brazilian Butt Lift, but it's recommended to avoid sitting for long periods to ensure the best recovery and success of the fat graft.

Can Weight Gain Ruin a BBL?

Gaining weight after a BBL won't ruin your results. The fat transferred to your buttocks behaves like normal body fat. If you gain weight, your buttocks might get bigger, just like other parts of your body.

When Can I Sit After BBL?

It's advised to avoid sitting or putting pressure on your buttocks for at least 2-4 weeks after the surgery.

When Can I Wear Jeans After BBL?

You can usually start wearing jeans 2-3 months after the surgery, once it's comfortable and safe to do so.

How Painful is a BBL Surgery?

Like many surgeries, BBL can be painful, but it's often described more as discomfort. Most of the discomfort is felt in the buttocks, where it can feel like a strong soreness.


Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Butt Implants?

Istanbul is a popular choice for butt implants because of these cool features:

  • Advanced Techniques: Doctors use the latest methods to make sure the surgery goes really well.

  • Expert Doctors: The surgeons are super skilled and have special training in plastic surgery from Turkish medical boards.

  • Tailored Plans: Each patient gets a special plan made just for them, based on what they need and want.

  • Helpful Services: The clinics help out by offering rides from and to the airport, and they even have guides who speak English to help you understand everything during your visit.

  • Safe and Approved: All the surgeries are checked and approved by health authorities (like the FDA in the USA), so they’re very safe to do. Plus, they come with a guarantee that shows they meet all the quality standards.


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