Second Opinion Ovarian Cancer in Phoenix Arizona US

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Second Opinion Ovarian Cancer in Phoenix, Arizona, US


Second Opinion Ovarian Cancer in Phoenix, Arizona, US

Ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries, which are two almond-shaped glands located on either side of the uterus. Each patient suffering from ovarian cancer is different that is why the cancer experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) have all the necessary experience and training to properly diagnose and develop an appropriate treatment plan according to their specific needs.

An ovarian cancer diagnosis is life-changing and sometimes patients need a second opinion from a different hospital and oncologist. The team of experts at CTCA is able to help the patients make more informed treatment decisions.

Ovarian cancer types

There are more than 30 types of ovarian cancer, grouped into three categories based on where they begin growing in the ovary:

Epithelial ovarian cancer (the most common form) originates in the layer of cells that cover the ovary and the entire abdominal cavity. Treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Germ cell ovarian cancer begins in the egg-producing cells inside the ovaries. Teens and women in their 20s are more likely to have this type of ovarian cancer. Patients diagnosed with germ cell ovarian cancer can be treated with surgery, radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy.

Sex cord-stromal ovarian cancer originates in the connective tissue of the ovaries, which also produces the female sex hormones.

Second opinion ovarian cancer

CTCA offers a comprehensive cancer diagnostic evaluation for patients and a personalized treatment plan within three to five business days (depending on the full array of diagnostic tests required).  The evaluation includes all diagnostic tests, all consultations with medical staff, and customary hospital services for each of the diseases.

The cost will be determined upon examination of the patient’s medical records and only after the full extent of testing required has been determined, although the total cost of the evaluation will not exceed the price range quoted.

The prices do not cover the cost of travel to the center and accommodation for the examination period.  The patient will still pay for the tests in the event there is no cancer diagnosis and/or it is not possible to complete the evaluation because of other, unknown clinical conditions revealed during the course of the examination.

 Scope of Services may include depending on a case:

·Consultation with Medical Oncologist

·All Imaging/Pathology Services

·Nutritional Consultation

·Naturopathic Physician Consultation

·Mind-Body Medicine Consultation

·Consultation with Medical Specialists including (as required): Gastroenterologists, Internal Medicine Specialists, Pain Management Physicians, Surgeons, Geneticists, Pulmonologists, Urologists, Radiation Oncologists.

Why choose us?

  • Latest medical technology
  • Second opinion consultations
  • Experienced and dedicated cancer experts
  • Joint Commission and other accreditations
  • Comprehensive cancer treatment
  • Integrative oncology services

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