Flawless Dentures in Croatia

Flawless Dentures Package in Croatia


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Flawless Dentures Package in Croatia

Flawless Dentures Package in Croatia

Dentures Overview

The denture is a removable frame or plate that holds one or more artificial teeth. It can be partial or total and is an optimal therapeutic option for substituting several absent teeth, or even all missing teeth. In addition, dentures help strengthen muscles that control facial expressions, providing the necessary support for cheeks and lips, as well as help remove phonation and chewing difficulties.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Chewing function recovery
  • Improved aesthetics. Cheeks and lips regain their physiognomy and the patient will be able to laugh and smile naturally
  • Speaking is improved
  • It can be executed quickly
  • Reduced costs

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

The dentures package’s price starts from:

  • Acrylic complete denture: from $374
  • Wironit partial dentures: from $906
  • Wironit complete denture: from $906

The package excludes the patient’s plane tickets to Croatia, as well as accommodation, meals and personal expenses.

Why Choose Us?

  • The prosthetic procedure is performed by a dedicated, highly trained and experienced team of doctors specialized in prosthetic dentistry
  • The medical center customizes the protocol(s) and package(s) according to each and every patient’s specific needs and requirements
  • The laboratory work and the dental practice take place in one single, fully equipped and featured building; this leads to a better communication between teams, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • The medical center uses modern technology, supplies and materials
  • The clinic is designed so that all the patients (local and international) feel welcome and comfortable.


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