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German International Clinic

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Frankfurt Germany

Dr. Siebenhuener Vilbeler Landstrasse 45b, Frankfurt, Germany

Package Price : $8700

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : German International Clinic

Location : Dr. Siebenhuener Vilbeler Landstrasse 45b Frankfurt, Germany

Focus Area: Anti Aging Treatment | Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy | Cell Therapy | Rejuvenation | Frankfurt, Germany

Anti Aging Treatment, Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy, Cell Therapy, Rejuvenation, Frankfurt, Germany

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Package Details

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Frankfurt, Germany


Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Frankfurt, Germany

Aging is a natural, complex process in which cells are progressively damaged over time and die. Stem Cell can dramatically slow down this process by regenerating and repairing cells and organs damaged by stress and various toxins and increase the feeling of well being.

Stem Cell therapy uses the patient's own cells, activating them and then reintroducing them into the patient's body. This means that there are 0 chances of cells rejection.

Benefits of Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

  • Enhanced mass muscle, agility and body movement
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Higher energy levels
  • Mineralization of the bones
  • Reduction of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines
  • Reduction of fat tissue
  • Improved estrogen production in women leading to easier menopause
  • Improved testosterone production in men leading to improved sexual performance

Cost, inclusions and exclusions

At German International Clinic the price for Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy package starts at $8,700.


  • 2 days treatment
  • IV stem cell infusion


  • Accommodation
  • Travel Expenses

Why choose us?

  • Safe and highly successful stem cell therapy
  • Specialists in stem cell therapy
  • Experienced medical team
  • Language interpreter service
  • Customized treatment plan

To find out more about the Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy package offered by German International Clinic, please contact us!

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