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Dr. Alfredo Pedraza Orthodontics and Dental Clinic

Dental Veneers in Matamoros Mexico

Alhelies 46 Jardin, Matamoros, Mexico

Package Price : $500

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Dr. Alfredo Pedraza Orthodontics and Dental Clinic

Location : Alhelies 46 Jardin Matamoros, Mexico

Focus Area: Dental Veneers | Dentistry Procedure | Dental Implants | Dentistry | Dental Crowns | Matamoros, Mexico

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Package Details

Dental Veneers in Matamoros, Mexico


Dental Veneers in Matamoros, Mexico


Dental veneers are tiny, thin pieces of porcelain which cover the teeth making them look beautiful. This is a non-invasive procedure that can be completed in a few days if you choose a clinic that has all the necessary equipment to make the veneers and apply them.

Dental veneers are bounded to the teeth permanently and they are used to cover stains, misaligned or chipped teeth.  You can choose whatever shade of white you want, so you will get perfect, white teeth in a matter of days.

Benefits of dental veneers

  • Stability: even in situations where there is not enough bone, by tilting the posterior implants, longer implants can be used. This allows more proper contact between the bone and the implant, avoiding the vertical bone augmentation.
  • Increased treatment security.
  • Time-efficient solution.
  • Pocket-friendly costs.
  • Less risks involved (compared with other prosthetic procedures).

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

At Dr. Alfredo Pedraza Orthodontics and Dental Clinic (Matamoros, Mexico), the price for dental veneers starts from $500.


  • Transportation- pick-up drop off to/from airport and hotel transfers
  • Case Manager Assistance


  • Airfare
  • Hotel stay

Why Choose Us?

  • with over 18 years of experience, the professional medical team offers a variety of high quality dental treatments
  • the clinic provides top notch medical services, personal attention and a welcoming environment
  • affordable prices
  • cutting-edge technology


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