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Cosmetic Surgery Package with Accomodation Choice in Guadalajara

, Guadalajara, Mexico

Package Price : $1100

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : PlacidWay Medical Tourism Guadalajara Mexico

Location : Guadalajara, Mexico

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Package Details

Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas Camarena, one of the most well respected plastic surgery practices in Guadalajara , a city of more than 7 million people. We value our team approach toward providing you with a surgical treatment plan to rejuvenate your appearance and meet your goals for enhancing your own natural beauty. All of our surgeons meet both national and international accrediting boards, and have completed rigorous training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures for the face and body.

For the first time, we are offering cosmetic surgery procedure of your choice with a choice of  top accomodation packages in Guadalajara, Mexico. This all inclusive package incldes all the associated costs, for further details, see below:

Basic Surgery and Package Costs:

Surgery Days Surgery Cost Package Cost
ABDOMINOPLASTY    7    $3,100.00    $3,890.00
ABDOMINOPLASTY+LIPOSUCTION    7    $4,400.00    $5,190.00
LIPOSUCTION    7    $2,800.00    $3,590.00
BREAST AUGMENTATION    5    $3,600.00    $4,200.00
BREAST LIFT WITH IMPLANTS    5    $4,200.00    $4,800.00
BUTTOCK IMPLANTS    5    $4,900.00    $5,560.00
BRAZILIAN BUTTOCKS    7    $3,600.00    $4,390.00
FACE LIFT    7    $3,100.00    $3,780.00
BLEPHAROPLASTY    4    $1,100.00    $2,260.00
FACE LIFT+ BLEPHAROPLASTY    7    $3,900.00    $4,560.00
RHINOPLASTY    5    $2,600.00   


Package costs also include

Hospital Services

  • 1 Night post OP
  • Surgical  Procedure
  • Drugs
  • Labs
  • Mamary Implants
  • Post surgical compression garment
  • Biligual Assitant

And a choice from one of two quality Accomodation Packages, which may include:

Package from Hotel Posada Guadalajara

  • Hotel Room
  • Guadalajara airport or bus station pick up
  • Free Internet Facility

Package from Rest and Recover 

  • Guadalajara airport or bus station pick up
  • Transportation to and from all medical appointment
  • A private room enhanced for your recovery
  • Foods
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Unlimited calls to USA

Why Cosmetic Holidays in Guadalajara?
Guadalajara, Mexico pearl of the west, is a majestic city with amazing qualities, both modern and historical, that welcomes all visitors. For a city that is not a resort, Guadalajara offers a very pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting tourist. Guadalajara is an ideal vacation destination for travelers looking for a change of pace from the sometimes overwhelming, complex scenario. As the second largest city in Mexico with a population of over 3 million, is constantly reminded that Guadalajara is a busy metropolis and a major business center in Mexico. Although this city beats to a busy pace, things here have a way of seeming to always remain serene. There are many places in Guadalajara where you will feel like you have stepped back in time to a different era.

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