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Best Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox & Cleansing Programs in Mysore, India

Lalithadripura, Mysore Post Box No-3, Ittigegud, 570 010 Mysore, India

Package Price : $1028

Treatment :Ayurveda

By : Indus Valley Ayurveda Center

Location : Lalithadripura, Mysore Post Box No-3, Ittigegud Mysore, India 570 010

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Best Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox & Cleansing Programs in Mysore, India

What is Detox?

Detox is an Ayurvedic Technique in which all toxins from chemicals in our food, pollution in the environment, drinking, smoking, stress, chemical medication, etc. accumulated in our body are naturally removed by different healing processes.

Why is Detox Important?

indus-valley-detox-cleansing-packageThe toxins accumulated in our body are the cause of different health and emotional problems leading to the patient to suffer from diseases, but undergoing our Ayurveda Panchakarma Program detox & cleansing are achieved, removing all toxins with our natural ancient method, and no side effects.

7 Night / 8 Days Nasya Panchakarma Package Includes

  • Eight session of Nasya
  • Any Two  Session of Basti
  • Any Two Beauty Therapies

indus-valley-detox-cleansing-package-Ayurveda-Panchakarma7 Night / 8 Days VirechanaNasya Panchakarma Package Includes

  • Eight session of Nasya
  • Any Two  Session of Basti
  • Any Two Beauty Therapies

7 Night / 8 Days Basti Panchakarma Package Includes

  • Eight session of Internal Basti
  • Any Two  Session of External Basti
  • Any Two Beauty Therapies

All Our Packages Also Include:

  • indus-valley-detox-cleansing-packageMysore pick up & drop     
  • Check in – 12.00 noon: Check out –    
  • IVAC campus tour    
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Accommodation for  Seven nights
  • All Meals (Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner)
  • Package Starts with Lunch & ends with Breakfast
  • Eight session of Abhyanga & Sweda
  • One session of Laghu Abhyanga
  • Seven sessions of Yoga



  1. Companion Supplement without Ayurveda treatment (INR.1000 /USD30/EURO24, per head per night for food and 50% of room tariff per night as per the room category
  2. These treatments are indicative and are subject to change on Doctor's Consultation.Treatments are prescribed based on the body constitution of the individual.
  3. Any Treatment/s not included in the package will be charged extra as per tariff

Why to Choose Us?

  • Our Integrated Approach to Heal with integrative medicinal practices.
  • Our Ayurveda programs use the latest medical developments.
  • Our natural, nourishing and relaxing Ayurvedic Programs and therapies specially designed to promote and restore good health &mind body balance.
  • Our Doctors & specialists, hospitals, clinics and social care workers are among the best.
  • Our policy of educating all our guests for them to be more aware of their body's needs and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • All our  and treatments are carefully designed to restore the .
  • We are the first ISO (9001-2000) Certified Ayurvedic and Rejuvenation Health Care Centre in the world.

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