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Buttock Enlargement Package in Antalya, Turkey

, Istanbul, Turkey

Package Price : $4500

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

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Location : Istanbul, Turkey

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Package Details

Buttock Enlargement in Antalya, Turkey

Buttock Enlargement Package in Antalya, Turkey

Buttock enlargement is a popular cosmetic treatment for those who feel their behind is too flat or does not have enough of a lift. Recently, the buttock has been becoming a more prominent attribute with women, and as a result, more individuals are looking to feel better in their clothing. A buttock enlargement is intended to not only enhance the look of the buttock area but offer it a better shape and lift. It also adds proportion to women who might have a larger breast size and feel that the buttock area is hindering their womanly proportions. As with many cosmetic procedures, the buttock enlargement offers women a renewed sense of positive appearance and higher self-confidence or esteem.

Buttock Enlargement- Procedure and Recovery

There are two different types of buttock enlargement procedures - one is through the use of silicone implants and the other is through fat injections into the butt area, taken from other areas of the body. Most often, surgeons suggest an enlargement with the use of fat injections, with the exception of patients who are too petite and have no extra fat stored on the body. Fat implants give the buttock area a more natural look and feel, and  also cuts down on risk of infection that implant surgery may have. An additional advantage of using a fat transfer is that the liposuction needed to take fat from other parts of the body results in a leaner look in other body areas like the stomach - a bonus!

Benefits of Buttock Enlargement

  • Enhances the lower body curves
  • Helps you to pick up more attractive clothing
  • You get a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing shaped buttocks
  • Enhance the overall proportions of the body by improving the balance between your upper and lower body
  • Enhanced appearance and confidence
  • Promotes a healthier and active lifestyle
  • Enjoy world-class healthcare facilities along with the great hospitality of Turkey
Buttock Enlargement in Antalya, Turkey
Cost Cost of  Buttock Enlargement in Antalya, Turkey starts from approximately $4,500. However, the treatment cost may vary according to the condition of the patient.

Note: Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory report analysis.

Length of Stay: 0-2 Days.

NoteThe duration may vary depending upon the condition of the patient and the chosen procedure of treatment


  • Pre and post-operative consultations
  • All medical fees including doctor fees, assistant, anesthesiologist and nursing staff
  • All hospital fees 


  • Preoperative lab work
  • Airfare

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Anemia
  • ECG, etc

Note: The laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment Options: Cash, credit card, wire transfer

NoteThe center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to receive the treatment from the clinic.

How to Get There

It is easy to get in Antalya, Turkey, as the city is well connected with rest of the world.  It connects Antalya International Airport with all major cities across the world.

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