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Online Second Opinion with Top Neurosurgeon in Asia- Dr. Xiaodi Han

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Neurosurgeon in Beijing, China

Online Consultation/Second Opinion with Top Neurosurgeon in Asia- Dr. Xiaodi Han

  • Director of Neurosurgery Center at Beijing Puhua International Hospital
  • Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Chief Scientist of Targeted Therapy of Glioma
  • Reviewer of Journal of Neuroscience Research
  • Member of Evaluation Committee of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
  • 28 Years of Experience
  • Hundreds of patients all over the world benefited from his successful ‘creative spinal cord reconstruction surgery’

Online Consultation/Second Opinion with Dr. Xiaodi Han Helps with:

  • One-on-One Direct Interaction- Schedule appointment online and interact with the doctor directly via Video Chat
  • Second Opinion by Renowned Expert- Professor and Doctoral Advisor of Neurosurgery and Chief Scientist of Targeted Gliona Therapy
  • Treatment Choices- Suggestion of varied possible advanced treatment options including stem cell treatment for neurosurgical diseases
  • Aftercare- Comprehensive after care sessions including his globally recognized postoperative treatment for glioma

Academics and Trainings:

  • ·Graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 1992
  • ·Research on Tumor for PhD
  • ·Stem Cell Research to repair brain tissue after 2000
  • Joined Neurosurgery Department of University of Rochester Medical Center for post-graduate research specializing in stem cell treatment
  • ·Joined Department of Neurosurgery at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne in 2003

Awards and Publications:

  • Editor of various books on Neurosurgery

Areas of Specialization:

  • Spinal cord reconstruction
  • Meningeoma
  • Hypophysoma
  • Craniopharyngioma
  • Glioma
  • Surgical treatment for glioma
  • Immunological treatment for glioma
  • Comprehensive postoperative treatment for glioma

Dr.Xiaodi Han- Bio

Dr.Xiaodi Han—Director of Neurosurgery Center at Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Chief Scientist of Targeted Therapy of Glioma, Director of the Neurosurgical Department, Reviewer of Jouranal of Neuroscience Research, Member of Evaluation Committee of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

Dr. Xiaodi Han graduated from Shanghai Medical University (now merged with Fudan University) in 1992. In the same year, he came to work at the Neurosurgery Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital. There, he studied under Professor Jizhong Zhao, and participated in many important research projects of Beijing. He is also the editor of many neurosurgery books.

Since working at the Neurosurgery Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, he was in charge of comprehensive treatment of glioma and various kinds of neurosurgical treatments. He has worked at Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and Wichita State University, Kansas, America. Subsequently, he has worked at the Neurosurgery Department of University of Rochester Medical Center where he was responsible for post-graduate research specializing in stem cell treatment.

Currently, Dr. Xiaodi Han is the Director of Neurosurgery Center of Beijing Puhua International Hospital. He devotes himself to clinical work and teaching research of stem cell treatment for neurosurgical diseases.

His creative “spinal cord reconstruction” surgery benefits hundreds of patients from all around the world. He is ingenious at surgical treatment and comprehensive postoperative treatment for glioma, which has brought him international recognition. In addition, he is a forerunner of stem cell targeted therapy of glioma research, both at home and overseas.

Experience – 28+ Years

Languages- English


Written Consultation -$100USD

Video Consultation -$200USD

Online Consultation Cost Includes:

  • Your Medical Statements Examination- Examination of test results you provide, your medical history, and treatment
  • Custom Treatment Program Formation- The doctor settles on the most suitable treatment program based on the latest international protocols
  • Answering Queries- The doctor answers all your queries and clarifies doubts with detailed overview
  • Official Opinion in Writing- After the consultation, you will receive an official written opinion electronically by the doctor
  • Translation services- An online consultation is conducted with the participation of a qualified translator
  • Aftercare Online Patient Management- The doctor remains in contact with you online to answer any questions and adjust the treatment regimen for 6months.

Patient History

Spinal Cord Injury Stem Cell Treatment at BPIH


10-year-old Nasya from Indonesia recovered from Spinal Cord Injury

10-Year-Old Girl Recover Spinal Cord Injury Significantly with Stem Cell Therapy in Beijing, China

Nasya is a 10 years old girl from Indonesia. In 2008, she sustained spinal cord injury from extradural haematoma surgery.  MRI of spine (2008-09-11) showed: large epidural spinal abscess was considered, with significant cord compression noted.

The parents didn’t find any effective treatment in local hospitals. They don’t want to give up, and tried very hard to find more options overseas. When they were searching online, they discovered that Puhua Hospital provides a new treatment options for spinal cord injury. They contacted with the hospital and completed the pre-admission evaluation. They received professional evaluation report from the hospital, which include the treatment plan, treatment period, cost and other details. Then they decided to bring Nasya to Puhua Hospital.

After admission, Nasya underwent thorough examinations for pre-treatment evaluation. The evaluation showed her condition is the same as what the hospital learned before admission. Therefore, the treatment was carried out according to the plan. The treatment include: Spinal cord reconstruction surgery, physical therapies, medication via IV dripping and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After 3 weeks treatment, her sensation got significant improvement, and the patient was in very good mood. She was discharged according to the plan, and continue rehabilitation therapies at local clinics.

Recently, we received the letter and video from her family, her mother very happy to tell us that she can stand by herself for 2 minutes, and she can stand up and sit down without assistance.

Nasya will keep taking rehabilitation training and we look forward to hearing her further improvement.

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