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Affordable Facelift Package by Areeva Cosmetic Center in Mumbai, India

Package price starting from: $6000
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Face Lift
Associated Center: Areeva Cosmetic Surgery Centre
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Get a Facelift in 6,000$ Only And Look Younger Again

Facelift Package in Mumbai, India by Areeva Cosmetic Center

It's said that age is just a number, but its impact on the face can be more than a little disconcerting. Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin - these time-tellers do not discriminate, etching their existence on every visage. But fret not, for the magic of medical science has presented a way to press 'pause' on this relentless timeline: Facelifts. Now, imagine getting this transformation in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India, where traditional charm meets modern marvels in an intoxicating blend.

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Overview of Facelif In Mumbai, India

Mumbai, fondly dubbed the 'City of Dreams,' has built an impeccable reputation in the global medical tourism sector. Known for its top-tier hospitals, internationally trained surgeons, and groundbreaking medical technology, Mumbai is a promising choice for individuals considering a facelift. The city's prowess in the cosmetic surgery arena is amplified by the use of advanced surgical techniques, providing a holistic approach to anti-aging treatments.

What sets Mumbai apart is its unique amalgamation of advanced medical infrastructure and the practice of patient-centric care. The city's medical fraternity continually embraces technological advancements, making it a hotbed for innovation in cosmetic treatments. Opting for a facelift in Mumbai is not just about turning back the clock on your face; it's a comprehensive experience that values your comfort, convenience, and well-being. Help your face look younger again with an affordable package for a facelift in Mumbai by Areeva Cosmetic Center

What is Facelift Procedure?

Facelift also called rhytidectomy, is considered part of cosmetic procedures. It improves the evident aging signs in the areas related to the face and neck. A facelift will help you improve aging signs such as the loss of muscle tone and reduce the physical appearance of fat deposits in the jaw or neck region. While a facelift offers many years of benefits, it can not stop the aging process.

A facelift is an alternative that incorporates the most practical benefits for physically healthy people and individuals with realistic objectives about the outcomes.

Advantages of Facelift procedure:

  • Face Rejuvenation
  • Younger Appearance
  • Improved face contours
  • Delays aging of the skin
  • Strengthening facial muscles
  • Better self-confidence

Facelift Package in Mumbai, India by Areeva Cosmetic Center

Dr.Audumbar  is well experienced in the procedure and has been doing it for many years at Areeva Cosmetic Center in Navimumbai India.

Package Cost Clinic Location
Facelift Package in Mumbai  $6,000 Areeva Cosmetic Center Mumbai, India

The Cost of Facelift Package in Mumbai by Areeva Cosmetic Center

Unraveling the cost of a facelift in Mumbai can seem like a daunting task. However, let's untangle this conundrum together. The price of a facelift depends on various factors, including the complexity of the procedure, surgeon's experience, and the hospital's facilities. Typically, the cost can range between $6000, a relatively economical price point considering the exceptional services and outcomes it encompasses.

Payment options in Mumbai are flexible, with many institutions accepting major credit cards, wire transfers, and even offering financing options. Several hospitals in the city have tie-ups with insurance companies, aiding those with appropriate coverage in navigating the financial aspects.

City, Country  Cost Procedure 
India $6,000  Facelift 
United States  $8,000  Facelift
Canada  $11,000  Facelift 

Note: For more information about the final price, make sure to contact the clinic directly. The price may vary depending on your condition and the complexity of the surgery.

Inclusions in Package for Facelift in Mumbai, India

The facelift package in Mumbai is more than just a surgical procedure. It's an all-encompassing experience meticulously designed to ensure your journey to rejuvenation is seamless and pleasant. The package generally includes

  • All surgical fees, doctor fees, anesthesiologist fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Material used
  • Nursing care
  • 2 nights stay ( all-inclusive )
  • Concierge service

Face Rejuvenation Package in Mumbai, India Exclusions

While the facelift package in Mumbai covers the essentials, certain services and expenses are not included. These may involve travel expenses to and from your home country, accommodation (if your stay extends beyond the hospital admission period), meals outside the hospital, and any additional medical tests or procedures not directly related to your facelift.

  • Airfare
  • Accommodation

Payment Options: Cash, Credit and Debit Cards.

Why Choose Mumbai, India for Facelift:

The thought of a facelift may stir a whirlwind of emotions – from excitement to anxiety. But the choice of location for your treatment can transform this journey into an unforgettable experience. One city that is turning heads worldwide for its exemplary facelift services is Mumbai, India.

The city's medical landscape boasts a blend of globally-trained professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and trailblazing technology – forming a powerful trifecta of excellence. Mumbai's medical professionals are renowned for their adept surgical skills, combined with a warm and empathetic approach that ensures patients are comfortable and informed throughout their journey.

But the appeal of Mumbai doesn’t end at its advanced hospitals and clinics. The city, a melting pot of diverse cultures and rich history, offers an enchanting array of experiences for medical tourists. From the breathtaking architecture of the Gateway of India to the tranquil waves of Juhu beach, Mumbai's cultural attractions add a dash of excitement and leisure to your medical journey. Coupled with the famed Indian hospitality, choosing Mumbai for your facelift is a decision that marries wellness, wonder, and world-class healthcare.

Benefits of Facelift in Mumbai, India at Areeva Cosmetic Center 

The benefits of a facelift in Mumbai extend beyond a youthful appearance. Success stories from the city’s clinics bear testament to a transformative experience that elevates confidence and reignites self-esteem. The facelift procedures here have proven to enhance facial contours, reduce sagging, and soften facial lines – breathing new life into your reflection.

  • Safe and effective plastic surgery
  • English-speaking medical team
  • Board-certified plastic surgeons
  • Affordable facelift surgery
  • The latest technology in performing surgery
  • Modern facilities for patient comfort

Risks of Facelift in Mumbai, India

Like any surgical procedure, facelifts too carry potential risks and complications such as scarring, bleeding, infection, or issues with anesthesia. However, the meticulous and thorough approach adopted by Mumbai's healthcare professionals ensures these risks are minimized.

The Areeva Cosmetic Center's medical experts invest considerable time in pre-operative consultations to understand your medical history, discuss your expectations, and outline potential risks, thus creating a safe and informed space for patients.

Additionally, stringent international quality standards are adhered to, ensuring optimal patient safety. In the unlikely event of complications, Mumbai’s healthcare network is equipped to provide immediate and comprehensive support.

Procedure of Facelift in Mumbai, India

The facelift procedure in Mumbai is a well-coordinated dance, seamlessly choreographed to ensure the patient's comfort and safety.

The journey begins with an in-depth consultation where the surgeon outlines the process and answers any queries you may have. The surgeon also provides specific pre-operative instructions, based on your health history and the chosen technique.

During the surgery, the surgeon makes incisions, usually along the hairline, following which the skin is lifted, and excess tissue is removed. The surgeon then redrapes the skin, trimming away any surplus before closing the incisions.

The entire procedure is facilitated by cutting-edge technology and the practiced hands of skilled surgeons, ensuring precision and the best possible outcomes. Post-operative care involves detailed instructions for home care, follow-up consultations, and supportive care, ensuring a smooth and comfortable recovery. Opting for a facelift in Mumbai, India, is not merely a treatment; it's a journey to self-rejuvenation guided by expertise and empathy.

Final Thoughts:

Opting for a facelift package at Areeva Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Mumbai is a decision steeped in benefits. The Centre's approach is built around providing affordable, high-quality treatments that don't compromise on patient experience or results. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, the journey is woven with expertise, empathy, and a focus on patient comfort.

Choosing Mumbai as your destination for a facelift doesn't just bring the promise of world-class medical services, but also the opportunity to experience the city's vibrant culture and famed hospitality. With Areeva, you're not just signing up for a facelift; you're embarking on a holistic experience that caters to your well-being, comfort, and desire for a more youthful appearance.

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Your journey towards a rejuvenated you begins with a simple step. Contact Areeva Cosmetic Surgery Centre today to book your facelift package. Our team of experts is eager to guide you through your transformation, providing all the necessary support and care.

Make the decision to turn back the clock on your face, and trust us to handle the rest. We can't wait to be part of your journey towards a younger, more confident you. Reach out to us today, and let's embark on this journey together.

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