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Meniscus Transplant Package in Warsaw Poland

Package price starting from: $16500
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Meniscus Repair
Associated Center: Carolina Hospital
Focus Area: Meniscus Transplant | Knee Surgery | Joint Pain | Orthopedic Surgery | Injury of Knee | Knee Cap | Tear in Meniscus | Arthroscopic Surgery | Warsaw, Poland

Best Meniscus Transplant Packages in Warsaw, Poland

Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw, Poland

Meniscus Transplant Package in Warsaw, Poland


The Carolina Medical Center is one of the biggest and most modern orthopaedic hospitals in Europe. The Carolina Medical Center provides the highest standard of medical services to its patients, not only by using the newest equipment and technology, but also by giving patients the utmost comfort and reassurance during their recovery.


Our services

  • Consultations
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Diagnostic Centre for Physical Movement
  • Operations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Laboratory
  • Emergency Room Services
  • National Health Fund Services
  • Children and adult orthopaedics and traumatology
  • Sports traumatology
  • Rheumatology
  • Neurosurgery
  • General and vascular surgery
  • Haematology
  • Neurology
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Children and youth sports certification

What is Meniscus Transplant?

Meniscal  transplantation is a type of surgery in which a meniscus  (a cartilage ring in the knee) is placed into your knee. The new meniscus is taken from a person who has died (cadaver) and donated his or her tissue.

Meniscal  Transplantation Price Package in Poland


Package includes:

  • All consultations with specialists
  • All required diagnostic tests, i.e. X-rays, MRI , CT , Lab tests
  • All costs associated with the operation (surgeons’ fees, anesthesia, medications, materials)
  • Hospitalization costs
  • Intensive physiotherapy after the operation (2 weeks)
  • Removal of the stitches (1-2 weeks after the surgery depending on doctor’s recommendations)
  • Intensive medical care after the operation
  • Internet access (patient's own computer)
  • TV and telephone service in every room
  • En-suite rooms


  • 4 days

Post-op instructions:

  • Take medicine for the time given by the operating doctor
  • After returning to home country – strictly follow rehabilitation instructions given by the operating doctor
  • Follow-up 6 and 12 weeks after discharge. The patient will be requested to take X-ray or MRI in home country and send them to Carolina Medical Center.



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