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Bodrum, Turkey

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The LifeCo

About Us The founder of Life Co was so impressed with the positive effects of detoxing that he wanted to share it with everyone.   After more than 20 years of experience in the fast corporate world, the founder of The LifeCo was searching for a new options of living when he joined his first detoxification program in 2002. He liked with how much better he looked and felt after the therapy. He felt increased energy, loss of excess weight, brighter eyes and skin, better sleep, easier digestion, improved mood and clearer state of mind so he started to find alternative health treatment options and knowledge around the world by practicing Vipassana meditation, going to different wellness centers and researching wellness disciplines.     He also desired to look for a way to integrate healthy choices into his own lifestyle without going to isolate himself from his near ones like famil and friends.         Our Read More

The LifeCo Pricings:

Weight Loss Program Procedure Details Price in USD
Ozone Therapy Ozone Sauna - 1 session - $76 $76
Ayurvedic Massage Ayurvedic Massage - 50 min- $65 $65
Yoga Daily Yoga Class - 90 min - $17 / Private Yoga Class - 60 min - $87 $17
Ayurvedic Massage Cryo Sauna - 3 min - $76 / Cryo Sauna Package - 10 sessions - $612 $76
Drug detoxification Daily Detox Program - $152 without accomodation / $247 standard room $152
Weight Loss Program Weight Loss Program $3695
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