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Stem Cell MD Treatment Cost in Tijuana Mexico

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26381 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite 130, Tijuana 92691, Mexico
Price Range: $25000 - 25000
Associated Center: Stem Cell MD, Tijuana, Mexico
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Chronic Diseases, Stem Cell Therapy

About Stem Cell MD

Dr. Steenblock is the Founder and Director of Dr. Steenblock's Clinic. He has devoted many years to research in the fields of biochemistry, pathology, nerve and muscle physiology, cardiovascular disease and other diseases of aging. He has also written numerous scientific articles and is a contributing editor to several national consumer health magazines. Dr. Steenblock's Clinic provides a Comprehensive Neuro-Rehab Program utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy, Acupuncture, External Counterpulsation, as well as Nutritional / Metabolic Therapies. Where brain damage is located determines which nerves, muscles, organs and tissues will be affected. But we are also a "brain and body" therapeutics medical clinic, treating the whole person, striving to find the underlying cause of your disease, then addressing it with safe, non-invasive, effective therapies backed by scientific and clinical proof. Dr. Steenblock's Clinic provides a Comprehensive Neuro

Stem Cell MD Pricings:

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Details Price in USD
Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy The total cost  for the optimum treatment would be four vials of stem-cells (20K) plus the cost of the catheterization procedure (5k) for a total cost of 25000 $. $25000

Stem Cell MD Reviews

  • Anonymous

    Both Dale and Audrey did bone marrow stem cells twice, six weeks apart.
    Both report a resounding success, and when asked if they'd do it again,
    they'll tell you, "Absolutely!"

    Dec 26 2021


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