Gelenk Klinik

Gelenk Klinik

Freiburg, Germany

Alte Bundesstrasse 58

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Orthopedic Clinic in Freiburg, Germany

Welcome to Gelenk Klinik

With a desirable and accessible location in Freiburg, Germany, the Gelenk Klinik offers you the latest in modern orthopaedic medicine. We perform more than 2400 surgical procedures per year (including knee, hip and ankle replacement) and offer the latest techniques for ligament reconstruction, arthroplasty, spinal surgery, as well as arthroscopic foot, knee and ankle surgery. The Gelenk Klinik welcomes more than 250 international patients each year.

Treatment at the orthopedic Gelenk Klinik offers its patients many distinct advantages.

  • Carefully monitored safety standards resulting in increased treatment success and less chance of complications.
  • Safety and accessibility as a travel destination: it is easy to travel to the clinic and visit the surrounding area once you are there.
  •  Availability of world class surgical services at very competitive prices.
  • The comfortable clinic environment and temperate climate are favorable to an easy and quick recovery.

Orthopedic Procedures in Freiburg, Germany

Treatments and procedures


  • Knee Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Ankle Surgery
  • Foot Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Autologous Cartilage Transplantation (ACT)
  • Joint Preserving Orthopedic Surgery

Back & Spine

  • Back Pain & Diagnosis
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Spinal Disc Replacement

Orthopedic Surgeons in Freiburg, Mexico

Our team

Orthopedic Surgeon Germany Dr. med Peter Baum - Orthopaedic Specialist

Founder of the Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Hospital

Orthopaedic Specialist since 1990

Expert Consultant for Arthroscopic knee surgery, Knee Replacement Surgery, Meniscus Repair, Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (Repicci), Cartilage Replacement, Anterior Cruciate Ligaments Reconstruction

Orthopedic Specialist Germany Dr. med Thomas Schneider - Orthopaedic Specialist

Orthopaedic Specialist at the Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Hospital

PhD (1997) University of Freiburg

Orthopaedic Specialist since 2004

Expert Consultant for Arthroscopic Ankle and Foot Surgery, Ankle Replacement Surgery, Ligament Reconstruction, Total Hip Replacement (McMinn), Cartilage Replacement, Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Spine Surgeon Germany Dr. Bijan Ganepour - Expert Consultant for Spine and Neurosurgery

2002 Specialist for Spine and Neurosurgery

Senior Expert Consultant for Spine and Neurosurgery

Cervical disc herniation, decompression of spinal stenosis, discectomie, total disc replacement, nerve compression syndromes (Carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon´s canal syndrome, sulcus ulnaris syndrome, tarsaltunnel syndrome etc) minimally invasive lumbar disc surgery, tumors and lesions of the central and peripheral nervous system

Rehabilitation Specialist Germany Dr. med Bernhard Dickreiter - Expert Consultant for Rehabilitative Medicine in Gelenk-Klinik

President of the Medical Academy of the Cell biological Regulation Association

Senior Consultant for Naturopathy

Senior Consultant for Rehabilitative Medicine at the Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Hospital

Senior Consultant for Rehabilitative Medicine

Senior Consultant for Internal Medicine


Spine Surgery Clinic in Freiburg, Germany


Why choose Gelenk Klinik?

  • First world medical standards. Externally reviewed ISO 9001 standard quality accreditation represents an ongoing quality process at Gelenk Klinik.
  • No waiting lists. Thanks to a combined public and private financial support system for health care providers such as the Gelenk Klinik, orthopaedic hospital capacity for medical treatment is available and of the highest standard.
  • Reliable Safety in all details of the medical support infrastructure. Critical medical support infrastructure such as blood transfusions or transplants are monitored very carefully to avoid every possible risk for the patients.
  • German orthopaedic surgeons have unique skills and insight when it comes to joint preservation. Our medical team is extremely well trained in the fields of conservative and osteopathic treatment.

Why Germany?

The Gelenk-Klinik is located in the heart of Western Europe, where Germany, France and Switzerland meet. Our patients benefit from being in an environment which is perfect not only for treatment and recuperation, but also for leisure and tourism.

Freiburg is home to Freiburg University, one of the most important centers of medical training in Germany. The city is the capital of Germany’s famous “Schwarzwald” or Black Forest. An area rich in nature, culture and tradition. Freiburg is easily accessible from Zurich, Basel and Frankfurt airports.

If you need more information about the treatments and procedures offered by Gelenk Klinik, please contact us!



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