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CapeRetreat in Cape Town, South Africa Offers High Quality Treatments

17 Ou Wingered Pad, High Constania, Cape Town, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa
Specialty: Addiction Treatment, Medical Spa Treatment, Weight Loss Program
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Welcome to Cape Retreat, Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to CapeRetreat

Located 20 minutes from the Cape Town International Airport, CapeRetreat is a private residential rehabilitation clinic. The clinic has made their mission to “Ensure recovery, recuperation, and recreation of individuals suffering stress, addiction, and psychological trauma, in a sustainable manner.” They do this by conducting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which has been insufficiently applied around the world, especially when it comes to addiction recovery.

CapeRetreat offers personalized treatments to a number of psychological, addiction, and stress-related disorders. Their comprehensive approach includes extensive personalized services, a private resort, focusing on client’s needs, and teams trained in multi-cultural diversity, who speak different languages. 


CapeRetreat offers treatments for following problems and disorders:

  • Binge eating (compulsive over-eating)
  • Other eating disorders
  • Gambling addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Trauma and humanitarian PTSD
  • Executive work addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Occupational PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Prescription medication abuse
  • Sugar addictions
  • Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes from eating disorders


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