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Yeni Istanbul Yolu, Sancak Mahallesi Sevenler Sok. No: 4/1 42250 Selcuklu / KONYA / Türkiye Konya Selcuklu, Konya 42250, Turkey
Price Range: $100 - 5500
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Rehabilitation, Stem Cell Therapy
Focus Area: Fizikon Tip Merkezi | Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Konya, Turkey | Alternative Medicine | Stem Cell Therapy | Rehabilitation

Fizikon Medical Center Profile Overview

Fizikon Tip Merkezi - Konya'da Fizik Tedavi Merkezi, Türkiye


Fizikon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center has been providing effective physical therapy services for 19 years with its expert staff and wide technological applications. Fizikon Medical Center, a large, spacious and state-of-the-art center with a covered area of 5,000 square meters, is one of the most equipped physical therapy centers in Turkey.

The medical team consists of specialist doctors graduated from prestigious Turkish universities. They are also memes of globally recognized institutions such as the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR), Acupuncture therapy certification, and Ozone therapy certification. They provide a wide range of services such as Ozone Therapy, PRP, CGF and Stem Cell Treatments, Mesotherapy, TMS, Robotic Rehabilitation and Neural Therapy.

Why Choose Fizikon Medical Center in Konya, Turkey?

Located in Konya, Turkey, the Fizikon Medical Center offers international patients a number of benefits, including:

Comprehensive rehabilitation services at affordable prices
Highly skilled doctors with international degrees
High success rates with stem cell therapy in disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy
Private VIP rooms
Translator support in English, Russian, Arabic
over 19 years of experience
Advanced technology and techniques available
Latest Technology Services at Fizikon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in Turkey

Highly Qualified Doctors at Fizikon Medical Center in Turkey
See the best doctors at the Fizikon Medical Center offer excellent treatment services:

1. Doctor:
Hasan OGUZ, Dr.
Graduation                : 1976, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty

Specialization                  :  1986, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty

Academic Career

•1990, Associate Professor, Meram Faculty of Medicine.
•1996, Professor, Meram Faculty of Medicine

Worked Institutions

•Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine
•Giresun State Hospital
•Meram Faculty of Medicine

Areas of interest

•Child and Adult Rehabilitation
• Rheumatic Pains
• Neck and Lumbar Hernia
•Knee and Other Joint Pains
•PRP and Stem Cell Therapy
Ozone Therapy

Ministry of Health Certified GETAT Applications

Ozone therapy

Selections from Publications

•Oğuz H: Rheumatic pains. Atlas Bookstore, Konya, 1992

•Oguz H: Medical Rehabilitation. Nobel Medicine Bookstores, Istanbul, 1995

•Oğuz H, Dursun E, Dursun N: Medical Rehabilitation. Nobel Medicine Bookstores, Istanbul, 2004

•Oğuz H, Çakırbay H, Yanık B: Medical Rehabilitation. Nobel Medicine Bookstores, Istanbul, 2015

•Oğuz H, Levendoğlu F, Oğun TC, Tantuğ A. Loading is more effective than posture in lumbar spinal stenosis: a study with a treadmill equipment. Eur Spine J. 2007

•Kamaz M, Kireşi D, Oğuz H, Emlik D, Levendoğlu F. CT measurement of trunk muscle areas in patients with chronic low back pain. Diagn Interv Radiol. 2007

•Oğuz H, Akkuş S, Tarhan S, Açikgözoğlu S, Kerman M. Measurement of spinal canal diameters in young subjects with lumbosacral transitional vertebra. Eur Spine J. 2002

2. Doctor:
Nagihan YARAROGLU, Dr.

Graduation             : 1996, Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine

Specialization               : 2008, Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine

Worked Institutions

•Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine
•Muş State Hospital

Areas of interest

• Child and Adult Rehabilitation
• Rheumatic Pains
• Neck and Lumbar Hernia
• Knee and Other Joint Pains
• PRP and Stem Cell Therapy
• Hijama
• Mesotherapy
• Coccyx Mobilization
• Ozone Therapy
• Functional Medicine
•TMS Treatment
• Scoliosis Treatment

Ministry of Health Certified GETAT applications

• Ozone therapy
• Hijama
• Mesotherapy


3. Doctor:
Mahir UGUR, Dr.
Professor of Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Algologist
1989, Ataturk University Faculty of Medicine
European Union of Rheumatology Societies (EULAR) Basic Ultrasound Certificate
European Association of Rheumatology Societies (EULAR) Intermediate Ultrasound Certificate
Acupuncture treatment certificate (Ministry of Health Approved GETAT Applications)
Ozone therapy certificate (Ministry of Health Approved GETAT Applications)
Cupa-Hijama certificate (Ministry of Health Approved GETAT Applications)

4. Doctor:
M.Alparslan YILMAZ, Dr.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
2010, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine
Ministry of Health Approved GETAT Applications
Ozone Therapy
Hijama Treatment
Get your Physiotherapy Counseling at Fizikon Medical Center in Konya, Turkey
Improve your mobility and general health with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation treatments at the Fizikon Medical Center in Konya. Our specialist physicians will help you feel better and be pain-free in the long run. Contact us today for more information!



  • Sinem A

    Many thanks to my doctor, Mustafa Turgut, to our security guard, Maharace, to the technician Ayşenur, to Ms. Gönül for their help in the exercise, understanding and smiling faces. Public Relations Thanks to Mr. Sait for giving this opportunity.

    Fizikon Tip Merkezi Nov 25 2022
  • Sule Y

    I left the medical center where I went to find healing, being grateful to the doctor, physiotherapist, nurse friends and the whole team. The applications and treatments were effective, the center was clean and the team was friendly. I would like to thank especially Nida, Banu, Hüsna ladies and İdris. I am grateful for their sensitive, friendly and devoted work ethic.

    Fizikon Tip Merkezi Nov 02 2022
  • Erol D

    I took my wife for physical rehabilitation treatment for 30 days. The hospital stands out with its cleanliness, doctors and all its employees. We can say that the hospital is truly magnificent (4X4). Every day for 30 days, Büşra Karakaya from the Information Department, Merve Uram from the physical therapy department and Sait Sarı from the staff branch are very different employees for us from the others. …When my wife was being treated, while I was waiting at the entrance, Mr. Sait came to me every day and took care of us closely. Büşra Karakaya, one of the desk and cashier operations, is fortunately working there in your institution, she is such a smiling, hardworking and helpful person. She sent my tea from the canteen when I was waiting, thank you very much to them.
    The only negative side of the hospital is the prices.. The prices are really extreme. A solution should be brought to this..

    Fizikon Tip Merkezi Dec 14 2022

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