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The article explores the reasons why people from Eastern Europe should consider going to the Western European countries for cancer treatment. Arguments include cost, comprehensive treatment, high-quality equipment, expert staff, dedicated translators, variety of treatments and ease of travel.


PlacidWay introduces PlacidWellness, a website that offers experiential health travel and alternative wellness solutions that focuses on the holistic wellbeing of international travellers in a non-hospital environment.  


Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition wherein the body does not produce effective insulin enough (a hormone excreted by the pancreas) to convert glucose from the blood into energy. Today, new advances in stem cell research and treatment are giving new hope to people affected by this chronic disease. Current Stem Cell Treatments are being considered for their efficacy in improving blood sugar levels and the complications in which patients with Type I and Type II Diabetes experience.   


Setting a milestone for rehabilitation treatment in Switzerland, the newly opened Clinic Bad Ragaz at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers patients a unique combination of first-class rehabilitation and exclusive five-star care services.


300 square metres of extravagance: The impressive new Presidential Suite at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz boasts a smokers’ lounge, a Swarovski crystal ceiling and gold dust in the wallpaper. The recently completed Presidential Suite at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz leaves nothing to be desired.


World-Famous Doctor Opens Swiss Medica Antiaging Treatment Clinic in Lugano - by: PlacidWay | Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic

Dr. Nicolay Vorobiev is a world-famous doctor who focuses on stem cell therapies and programs to treat multiple chronic disease issues. Dr. Vorobiev’s latest venture took him to Lugano, Switzerland, where he has opened Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic. The luxurious settings, well appointed accommodations and soothing atmosphere are just a few of the benefits provided by Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic, a clinic that treats cosmetic as well as surgical problems to rejuvenation.


Switzerland: Having launched a two-day sleep diagnostics treatment in Feburary 2011, the spa and wellbeing resort Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in eastern Switzerland has reported a popular take-up for the program.


Sleep Diagnosis Success for Luxury Swiss Resort - by: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | European Spa Magazine

Having launched a two-day sleep diagnosis treatment in February 2011, the spa and wellbeing resort Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in eastern Switzerland has reported a popular take-up for the programme.


The Doctor Is In - by: Sophy Roberts | Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Medical Health Center offers numerous pathology-seeking technologies from MRIs to vascular ultrasounds, as well as specializations like aesthetic surgery and rheumatology.


Peak Conditioned - by: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the best 'wellness resort' Sophy Robert has yet experiences...

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