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PlacidWay Canada Medical Tourism is the best option for medical tourists who seek affordable, accessible and high quality medical options abroad. We are here to assist you in finding the best treatment options according to your needs.

Healthcare Features: Addiction Treatment, Age Management, Alternative Medicine, Anti Aging, Ayurveda, Cancer Treatment...More

Sari Novack Dentistry is located in Ontario Canada and offers a wide range of Dentistry treatments and procedures, such as Dental Cleaning, Bridges and crowns placement, Dental implants and bonding, Dentures and fillings, Holistic Dentistry and others.

Healthcare Features: Dentistry, Homeopathy Treatment
MediTours, Kelowna, Canada

The only service offering all-inclusive surgery packages, where our mission is to take care of all your travel and surgery arrangements from the day you leave home until the day you return. We offer a personalized service, we utilize only the best doctors and facilities.

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