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Dr. Eirini N. Georgiou
Periodontics, Oral Laser Applications

Speciality:Periodontics, Oral Laser Applications

Location:Athens | Greece

About: She graduated from the Dental School of the University of Athens in 2001. During the academic years 2002-2005, she attended the postgraduate program at the University of Ath...

Dr Krithinakis DDS, CAGS
Endodontics, Root Canal

Speciality:Endodontics, Root Canal

Location:Athens | Greece

About:  Born in Athens Greece in 1977, graduated National and Kapodistrian Dental School of Athens (Class 2007). Right after graduation he became clinical instructor in the Endod...

Orthopedic Surgeon

Speciality:Orthopedic Surgeon

Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About: I completed my basic surgical training at the pref. Hospital in Giannitsa. From 1992 to 1994. From 1994  -1999  Specialization  in  Orthopaedic  Surge...

Dr. Dimitrios Giakoustidis
Transplant Surgeon

Speciality:Transplant Surgeon

Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:Current Academic Appointment: Since May 2014, Associate Professor of Surgeryand Transplantation, Division of Transplant Surgery, Department of Surgery, Aristotle University, Hip...

Dr. Dougiountzis Apostolos
General Surgeon

Speciality:General Surgeon

Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:RESIDENCY 1981-1992 - Training  in  General  Surgery  and Traumatology  and employment  as Specialist Surgeon in West Germany. RURAL INTERNSHIP 1...

Plastic Surgeon

Speciality:Plastic Surgeon

Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 05/2008-10/2009 : Head Doctor/ Director of the Plastic Surgery Department, 424 GSNT (General Military Hospital of Thessaloniki) , Thessaloniki 10/2...

Dr. Dimitrios A. Kirmizis


Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:Educational Qualifications: 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Serres General Hospital, 1997-1999, Specialization Nephrology University Department of Nephrology...

Dr. Athanasios Kontos
Laparoscopic Surgeon

Speciality:Laparoscopic Surgeon

Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:Professional Experience May 2010-Until Today: Team Member of Surgery Professor E.Xinou, Clinic Creta Interclinic, Heraklion, Crete. October  2004-December  2009:&...

Dr.Vasilios Liroudis


Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 02/2003-05/2004: Rural Doctor (Health Center Rodolivos N.Serron) 07/2004-08/2004: Camping Doctor (Plaka Litoxorou) 06/09/2004-06/06/2005: Hoplite...

Dr. Ioannis Perdikis


Location:Thessaloniki | Greece

About:Residencies:   9 months in A’ General Surgical Clinic of General Hospital in Drama. 26 months in Urological Clinic of General Hospital in Drama. 27 months in A’...

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