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Where Can I Have Scoliosis Deformity Correction in Asia?

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Scoliosis is more commonly found in women over 40 years old, and can cause the hips or shoulders to be uneven as the spine rotates sideways. Scoliosis treatment methods depend on your age, how much more you are likely to grow, the degree of your spine's curve, the extent of pain, the functional limitation and cosmetic appearance of the spine.

Surgery is a safe and highly effective treatment option used for severe scoliosis or for curves that do not respond to bracing. The main surgery for scoliosis is spinal fusion, and nearly all surgeries will use implants in order to help straighten the spine. The degree of correction from surgery depends on how flexible your scoliosis is before your operation.

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Where Can I Have Scoliosis Deformity Correction in Asia?

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