Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital Reviews | Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Dentistry,Heart Care/Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery,Orthopedic/Knee Surgery,Skin Care in Bangkok, Thailand

362 Rama 2 Road, Bangmod, Jomthong
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital reviews for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Dentistry,Heart Care/Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery,Orthopedic/Knee Surgery,Skin Care in Bangkok, Thailand

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  • benjamin k 2018-11-30 Santa Cruz, United States

    KPOT clinic was very nice. Even as they determined that due to my very medically uniq situation, they felt that for my safety I am better to perform such a procedure in a full hospital where much higher level of contingency options are available then what is in a clinic. I am a borderline hemophilic factor type 3, factor 7 deficient. (even though my personal Hemotology Medical Staff at UCSF hematology and Leukemia Clinic in San Francisco USCF , determined I am an okay for the procedure. The KTOP doctor worried that should any unforeseen bleeding occur, it could threaten my vision for life. He prefers that any surgery to the eye area have the correct prophylactic FACTORs administered IV prior to any surgical procedure and on hand should it be required for highly unlikely bleeds. Take no chances, do not gample with my of vision. Therefore It is his opinion that this relatively simple procedure should performed if a full Hospital facility with Blood factor on hand for Prophylaxis . There is no room for bad luck or accident.. No less then my vision lays in the balance.. I am very disappointed, though full understand the duty of adults in the end to put patient safety in front. I suppose i should contact US surgeons for consult. Very very sad...

  • Chris S 2018-01-08 Sydney , Australia

    To expensive

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