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Las Fuentes Rehabilitation Clinic in Jalisco,El Salto, Mexico Reviews from Real Patients

Calle Seguridad #12 Entre Amistad Internacional y Marina Nacional Col. Felipe Angeles
Price range:: $6000 to $6000
Focus Area: Rehab Clinic Mexico | Eating Disorders | Gambling Addiction Rehab | Anorexia | Anxiety | Sleep Disorders | El Salto, Mexico

About Las Fuentes Rehabilitation Clinic

Las Fuentes Rehabilitation Clinic is a private rehabilitation center for consumer addictions and behavioral problems. The clinic is located in the El Salto, Jalisco, just 30 minutes away from the GMA (Guadalajara metropolitan area). The medical team offers professional and multidisciplinary treatments with the belief that all individuals can and will be responsible for their own recovery.

Addiction Treatment,Rehabilitation Reviews in Jalisco,El Salto, Mexico at Las Fuentes Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Carmen

    Excellent treatment, both personal and human ... A very good treatment against addictions. Personally, I am very happy for everything they achieved with my dad.
    100% recommendable

    Google Oct 08 2020
  • Karla

    Highly recommended, excellent psychotherapists!

    Google Nov 01 2020
  • Karina

    Very good service

    Google Nov 26 2021
  • Joe

    We recommend it excellent treatment, very good doctors and a very good program, we are very grateful

    Google May 26 2022
  • Athziri

    All the very friendly and trained staff feel very calm. I highly recommend the clinic.

    Google May 12 2022
  • Carmen

    I recommend it is very good they treat them well and they have a very professional staff

    Google Feb 08 2021
  • Marcela

    Excellent place, unbeatable treatment, I was quite satisfied with the attention they gave my son, they are very professional, I am immensely grateful for all the attention they gave me and my son.

    Google Feb 16 2021
  • jorge

    Excellent place, highly recommended, a professional and very human treatment

    Google Jun 09 2021
  • Karenina

    Excellent treatment, trained staff, personalized attention and 24 hours a day

    Google Jul 06 2021
  • Eduardo

    Very good assistance from the staff, the treatment of all and fully trained staff and available to all

    Google Oct 12 2021

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