Eye/Lasik Care in Izmir, Turkey

IntraLASIK in Izmir, Turkey

What is the Average Cost for LASIK Eye Surgery in Izmir, Turkey?

LASIK is a form of laser refractive surgery that uses a highly particular excimer laser to restructure the eye’s cornea and repair refractive errors including astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), and myopia (nearsightedness). The procedure takes an estimated time of 10 minutes per eye. Excimer lasers have the capability to remove (ablate) microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea's underlying stromal layer with a very high degree of accuracy and without damaging the surrounding corneal tissue.

The average price for LASIK Eye Surgery in Izmir, Turkey $1,250 USD approximately. However, the cost may vary from clinic to clinic or you may find the same clinic is offering the procedure at different prices. This happens due to the factors that affect the cost of the treatment. 

Factors that Affect Package Price

  • Amount of patient refractive error
  • Technology used by the surgeon
  • Experience of surgeon
  • Reputation and infrastructure of the clinic
  • Continuity of patient care
  • Co-management and overall patient experience
  • Size of facility team including surgeons, front desk staff and technicians
  • Preoperative laboratory fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Equipment used in the process

What Should Be Expected From LASIK Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

The scenario of medical tourism is rapidly changing in Izmir and the place is very famous for offering world-class treatment at a cheaper cost. There’s an opportunity to get the best LASIK surgery from the world-famous doctors and staffs at the clinics.

How Much You Can Save By Receiving LASIK Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

LASIK surgery can cost you up to $5,000-$10,000 in the developed countries whereas you can get the same treatment within $1,250 approximately in Izmir. If you are thinking about cost efficiency, you can easily save around 5,000 or more by getting the treatment here in Izmir, Turkey.

Approximate Cost of Eye Surgery Variations in Izmir, Turkey

IntraLASIK Surgery


PRK Eye Surgery



Other Costs to Consider

If you have just decided to get your LASIK surgery treatment from Izmir, Turkey, there are other expenses that can affect the cost of treatment and hence you need to consider them. Have a look at the other associated expenses.

  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Foods and drinks
  • Cost of Transportation
  • Travel insurance

The above-mentioned expenses can affect the cost of LASIK surgery in Izmir, Turkey and if you are looking for the quotes, you can ask for it anytime.  The quotation will help you to get an idea so that you can decide accordingly.