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Treating Infertility by means of Stem Cell Therapy - by: PlacidWay

This breakthrough treatment is gaining popularity nowadays and there are some countries which are taking on this area as their area of focus and expertise. One of those is China, where any couple planning to undergo stem cell therapy to treat infertility can opt for Relife International Medical Center in Beijing. This medical center specializez in stem cell therapy to any sort of disease and medical problem but one of their focus is treating infertility with stem cells

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Breast Implants Abroad - by: PlacidWay

What would prompt people to travel abroad for medical procedures? One of the main reasons is having the perfect body for the fraction of the price they would pay back home. And when you combine this with a vacation in an exotic location, the decision is easier to make.

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Frozen-Thawed Versus Fresh Single Blastocyst Transfer - by: PlacidWay

Check out the differences between Frozen-Thawed Versus and Fresh Single Blastocyst Transfer, as explained by Selman Lacin, MD, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Medicana International IVF Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Discover the Turkish Cihantimur Fat Transfer System - by: PlacidWay

Breast, lips or buttock augmentation can be done by using the safe and efficient Cihantimur Fat Transfer procedure performed at Estetik International Health Group in Istanbul, Turkey.

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I Desperately Need a Medical Holiday! - by: PlacidWay

Matt said, "I am all ready to visit Mexico for a medical holiday". His wife Annie was a little surprised. What on earth is a medical holiday? There were hundreds of questions that raced in her mind. Is he leaving me? Does he have a medical condition that will lead to death and he doesn't want me around? Her mind was bogged down with a volley of questions and finally after a few sleepless nights, she thought that it was time to confront Matt.

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Lose those belly flabs with Bariatric Surgery in Mexico - by: PlacidWay

Why are so many Americans and Canadians traveling across the border to Mexico to seek weight loss surgeries? Is it only because of the cost or there is more to it? The fact is that there are several reasons why Mexico has become popular for weight loss surgery and they are: Affordable Treatment, Surgical Procedures using Innovation, Top Surgeons, Special Packages and Different Surgical Procedures to Choose from.

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PlacidWay and GRS Mexico Alliance make Gender Reassignment Surgery Affordable and Achievable! - by: PlacidWay

PlacidWay, one of the leaders in medical tourism has formed a strategic association with GRS Mexico clinic to ensure sex reassignment surgery in Mexico.

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PlacidWay and Infinity Clinic Ease Patients Access To Innovative Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine - by: PlacidWay

The doors of high quality and innovative medical procedures in Ukraine are now open for Medical Tourists from all over the world due to the tactical relationship shaped between the  Infinity Clinic in Kiev and PlacidWay, the primary Medical Tourism Company in the United States of America. Due to this partnership, people will have the possibility of trying the innovative cell therapy presented by the Infinity Clinic.

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North Cyprus IVF Center offers parents the chance to select their baby gender - by: PlacidWay

North Cyprus IVF Center is a clinic dealing with infertility treatments, being the first clinic in Cyprus to include sperm and egg donation options. The center’s main goal is to determine what the problem is, why the couple can’t have children on their own and offer the right treatment for their issue.

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Top 10 reasons why Philippines is becoming popular for foreigners for Plastic Surgery - by: PlacidWay

Medical tourism in the Philippines has a long standing tradition, with foreigners coming to the island nation in search of traditional healers and alternative medicine. This form of medical tourism has slowly given way to the modern, more mainstream kind which is effectively helping the national healthcare to grow and improve.

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Results 1 - 10 of 1017