Future healthcare delivery models be re-tooled to handle emerging and chronic disease

Disease management will directly impact the future models of care.  What shape and form will this take on? How can future healthcare cities & hospitals better position themselves to cater directly & to deal with emerging diseases? Will we see more of specialized hospitals? Which regions will be more prepared than others? How will innovative & disruptive technologies help in future healthcare delivery?
The healthcare cities and hospitals of the future will greatly benefit from a clearer understanding of how to effectively integrate disease management into future facilities and core competencies to be built. The future of healthcare delivery should incorporate disease based intervention programs and facilities. How to incorporate new primary care delivery systems?

As the number of high valued patients globally rises with time, this will shape future care models as these growing numbers will cross international borders in search of medical care and access to quality.

How will hospitals manage their centers of excellence in order to cater to the growing influx of foreign patients with new and chronic expertise? How can they adequately build capacity, technology and core expertise?

A CEO lineup of speakers and practicing leaders in global healthcare will be tackling these important issues head on at Asia’s biggest landmark healthcare congress - GHC 2009 which will feature 2 co-located events, "Healthcare Cities & Hospitals of the Future" & "Crossing International Borders" (23-26 February 2009, Singapore). 

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