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Over the years the American government has struggled to find the best solution to fix the broken healthcare system, coming up with various reforms aimed at cutting the exorbitant costs, dealing with the increased number of uninsured citizens and improve the quality outcome, which was surpassed by other industrialized countries.

Is the consumer-centric healthcare the solution to all these problems? Will this cut costs and improve the quality of the healthcare system?

Firstly, a consumer-centric healthcare means a more involved consumer, which could indeed be the key to solving all these issues. An engaged consumer realizes the need of a more-efficient healthcare system and will understand that his behavior is what drives his need for healthcare. By understanding this, the consumer also understands that making more value-focused healthcare purchasing decisions, will ultimately help the entire system. If the consumer has more power, he becomes more responsible and engaged.

Secondly, another advantage of the consumer-centric healthcare is that this will increase competition among the healthcare providers as well as the private and public investors, forcing them to create an efficient, low-cost and high-quality system. Therefore, in the following years, consumer-centric healthcare companies will see strong growth, helping the entire system. More and more insurers are also embracing consumer-driven healthcare plans, as these help them keep healthcare costs under control.

On the other hand, as consumers get more spending responsibility and decision-making, there is the risk that they will make more discretionary healthcare purchases, especially for the more elective procedures. This might lead to a more cyclical healthcare utilization trend in the following ten years, similar to the case in 2009 and 2010.

Furthermore, although in isolation it is a good thing for consumer-centric companies to see rapid growth in the following years, this also increases their exposure to government reimbursement. The government is more likely to keep a close eye on the reimbursement rates for the fast-growing companies to make sure than the growth is not artificially promoted through excessive reimbursements. It is well-known that the government often assumes that a strong volume growth is due to overpayment.

One of the most popular medical destinations is Mexico, which is chosen by travelers all over the world. Besides the exceptional medical care, you can also enjoy ancient culture, great food, sunshine and all the beautiful sights this country has to offer. The wealth services in Mexico have a high reputation , especially in dental care, plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures, but also in hip replacement and many more.

Mexico offer modern clinics and hospitals and highly-experienced physicians and surgeons. As medical costs in the US continue to increase, medical travelers can save up to 50% on the medical procedures costs in Mexico.

One of the most famous cosmetic clinics in this country is the Perfection Medical Spa and Laser Center which is situated in Cancun, Mexico.  The center offers a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures, as well as laser and aesthetic treatments for the skin, all done with the latest technology and by highly-trained surgeons.

In conclusion, the consumer-driven healthcare is rapidly spreading taking hold of the American healthcare system. The consumer will have more power as he will have access to more information and will become more financial responsible to make value-focused healthcare purchasing decisions.

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