Helping Patients Breathe Easier Through Live Cell Therapy

Helping Patients Breathe Easier Through Live Cell Therapy in Austria

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SCT Austria Helps Patients Breathe Easier Through Stem Cell Therapy

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SCT Austria is now offering a complete range of Live Cell treatments for many chronic disorders including lung diseases. Aside from SCT Austria’s expertise and facilities to be proud about, we offer other services over other live cell clinics.


Type of Package
Standard Service Package
Chronic Disease Package
Years of experience
4 years
Not indicated
Board certification * *
Bone Marrow (Hip)
€ 14,000 / $17,500
€ 19,000/ $26,200
Live Cell Treatment
Doctor’s fees
Clinic charges
Medications * *
Follow-up documentation
Airport pickup/transfers
Accommodation for 3 nights for 2 persons
Up to € 5,000 or

Chronic lung diseases are widely experienced all over the world. The most prevalent diseases include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis. All of them are incurable and represent a public health problem. Through breakthrough live cell therapies, this opens a window of hope in curing these diseases.

The Stem Cells

Stem cells are kinds of undifferentiated cells that are capable of “differentiating” into specialized cell types. Generally, stem cells come from one major source: the adult tissue (or adult stem cells) SCT is only using autologous adult stem cells from the patient's own body.  

These cell types are mostly characterized by their potential to form every type of tissue or organ in the body such as bone, muscle, skin, hair, lung tissue, etc. and to ebcome any adult tissue.

One of the most outstanding qualities of adult stem cells is their ability to create tissues for different organs and to become any adult tissue. This quality is called plasticity, a key property to its use in regenerative medicine.

How Does SCT Austria use Stem Cells?

SCT Austria offers stem cell treatments for major pulmonary conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis and asthma. The live cells used in our clinic come from the patient’s own body (autologous). These cells are harvested from bone marrow, in a big concentration and then are delievered back to the patient.

When the stem cells are reinfused to the patient, they act to target damaged tissues, improving lung function in patients with chronic lung disease.

In recent years, SCT Austria has tested patients with bone marrow-derived stem cells, that include hematopoietic live cells and mesenchymal live cells, in particular for treating COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and pulmonary hypertension.

There are several clinical studies that support that BM- stem cells are safely re-infused intravenously with clinical improvement of chronic lung symptoms. SCT Austria provides the therapy in a point-of-care fashion in order to maximize the use of the patient’s own cells and reduce any risk of contamination or unwanted cell transformations.

Our minimally invasive, stem cell procedures are slowly changing lives by helping international patients breathe easier.

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The Stem Cell Treatment Process at SCT Austria

In treating chronic lung conditions, healthcare providers harvest the stem cells from the patient's own hip bone (bone marrow). At SCT Austria, we process cells onsite (without transporting the cells out of the operating room) to concentrate the most number of stem cells in 25 minutes, method called point of care. Through SCT Austria’s point-of-care method, the stem cells are concentrated and returned to the patient through intravenous infusion. Once stem cells are infused, they begin the “differentiation” process and start regenerating new lung tissue. Since these live cells possess regenerative properties, new cells produced can make the patient’s lungs progressively grow stronger, making them able to breathe easier.

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Lung Disease at SCT Austria

Inspired to help people who are in desperate situations and his experience as an international surgeon, consultant, researcher and lecturer, Dr. George Kobinia, along with his colleagues established SCT Austria.

SCT Austria is an innovative leader of regenerative medicine dedicated to provide stem cell therapies for chronic diseases. Aside from chronic lung disease, they also offer live cell treatments for  Wound Healing, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, Orthopedic diseases, Raynaud's disease, Psoriasis,  and Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Our standard service package for stem cell therapy starts at € 14,000 / $17,500 whereas our extended package costs € 16,000 / $19,500.

At SCT Austria, we know that each patient has their own unique story to tell. And because of that, we make sure the live cell treatment we provide is individualized and unique. When we design your treatment plan, we make use of the latest research and experience we have with live cell treatments, along with state-of-the-art live cell technology.   

Before we implement your treatment plan, we perform a thorough assessment - focusing on your medical history and current condition so that we can ensure the best treatment outcomes.

We offer clear and concise treatment information and we don’t intend to make any healing promises.  

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Other reasons to choose SCT Austria for Live Cell Treatments:

  • Only autologous adult live cells are used so there is no danger of adverse reactions especialy in the process of extraction.
  • Aside from modern equipment used, we practice quality control and management.
  • We practice a high standard of sterility through our closed system.
  • Our doctors and specialists have years of training and experience.
  • Our treatment packages already include the medical evaluation, live cell treatment, doctor’s and anesthesiologist’s consultation fees, medical tests, medications, other hospital charges. Airport, clinic and hotel transfers, hotel as well as supplementary therapy and follow-up documentation are included.

At SCT Austria, we are committed to provide patients an alternative way to address chronic lung conditions. We hope we are improving the quality of their lives through our breakthrough minimally-invasive live cell therapies.


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