Medical Tourist Rights

Understanding the Medical Tourist’s Journey

Searching for what you need in a myriad of options when it comes to your healthcare can be overwhelming especially when you are planning a medical trip abroad. Here at PlacidWay, we have designed our website to suit your needs so that you can customize the healthcare experience you need! At PlacidWay, we understand your healthcare journey that’s why we have created a simple step-by-step guide to help you access the newly designed website.

1. Identify what you need.

Do you need a specific medical treatment? Or a second opinion from a health concern you are experiencing? At PlacidWay, you can find all the information you need for your treatment. Just access the Medical Tourism Information button so that you can find information on the medical treatment (e.g. Dentistry, Cancer Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery) or the destination (e.g. Asia, North America, Europe, All Countries) you wish to go to.  You can also type or search for specific keywords on the General Search button.

Planning Your Medical Tourist Journey

2. Research

Search and find the medical center for the specific treatment or surgery you need. By accessing the Medical Tourism Information button, you can read articles, patient testimonials and customer reviews about the center or treatment, so you can easily decide which treatment or clinic is right for you. Another option is the Comprehensive Research Tools button. It is where you can access other information you need such as treatment packages, videos, top doctor's resumes, and q&a’s about the center or the treatment.

3. Compare prices

Through the Plan Medical Travel button, choose the Treatment Pricing option so you can compare clinic pricing on the treatment or surgical procedure you need. Another option is the Free Quotes button where you can specifically indicate the treatment and country preference you want so you can get a direct response from healthcare providers matching your treatment of choice.

4. Connect with a provider

Aside from getting pricing ranges from the Free Quotes button, it also serves as your communication with the healthcare providers you have initially considered. Because you have filled up a contact form, this makes it conveniently easy to connect with your preferred providers. You don’t have to worry as these contact requests to clinics are free of service and non-obligatory.

Choose the Best Medical Care Option For You

5. Select and decide

Once the clinics or healthcare providers have provided the information you need for the treatment (you requested), it is now time to select which healthcare solution best fits your needs and budget. To make sure you are making the right decision, articles | case stories and customer testimonials (before and after) are also available on the website to show the experiences of previous customers. You can access these using the Medical Tourism Information button. Just choose Testimonials | Before & After and a more detailed list appears enumerating treatment and country testimonials. Another option would be the Articles | Case stories that are available on the site.

6. Plan your healthcare journey

Now that all is set and you have chosen the treatment/surgery, medical center (destination), top doctor, treatment package and the treatment pricing that suits your needs and budget, it is now time to plan your travel itinerary.  Using the Plan Medical Travel button, choose Travel Planning from the menu. This e-form helps determine your travel options. In this form, you can indicate the city/destination of your provider, your check-in and check-out, the number of rooms you need to book, the number of individuals who will be making the trip, and even the type of hotel or accommodation chain you would like to go to.  Most treatment packages available on the website already include airport transfers, clinical case assistance and translation services already provided by the international program of the medical center – so you can travel with ease and convenience!

Book your medical travel with us so you can experience world class healthcare at an affordable price! For more information about our healthcare information services, please visit our website or just click the button below!

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay continues to innovate and create the best experience for every international traveller. More than providing access to executive check-ups and treatments, we strongly believe in creating a customer-service oriented experience that is safe, affordable, high-quality and culturally unique to every medical traveller.