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Breast Surgery After Cancer

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Breast cancer is the most frequently observed type of cancer in women.

As is the case in all types of cancer, regular examinations and early diagnosis may facilitate treatment. Breast cancer surgery may result in breast deformity or, sometimes the breast may have to be removed entirely.

Dr.Ayhan Okumuş, a specialist in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Acıbadem Bursa Hospital states that patient satisfaction can be achieved by reconstructing or repairing those breast deformities which emerge due to the partial or total loss of the breast.

Dr. Okumuş also mentioned the different methods applicable in the case of different breast deformities.

Dr. Okumuş says that if the healthy breast is large, it may be reduced in proportion to the other breast, thus achieving a symmetrical appearance. If the healthy breast is of a normal size, the removed side may be repaired with the help of tissue removed from the back or the abdominal region, or with the help of prosthesis.  Dr. Okumuş says that very minor problems may also be corrected with fat injections.

Indicating that if the chest muscle has not been resected while removing the breast, it may be possible to repair it by placing a prosthesis underneath the muscle, Dr.Okumuş goes on to say, "however, if the chest muscle has been removed, breast repair may be achieved by transposing tissue from the abdomen or the back, and, if necessary, we may also apply a prosthesis on the patient. Dr Okumuş says: "If the abdomen or the back are not suitable, we may form breast tissue by transposing tissue from the hip or the waist region through microsurgical methods."

Emphasising that this is a rare condition, Dr. Okumuş says that methods used in the case of partial losses in one single breast are equally applicable in the case of partial losses in both breasts.

Dr. Okumuş states as follows: "As is the case in all breast repairs, the first repair of choice should be the patient's own tissues. In the case of those patients who have had both of their breasts removed, the abdominal region may come to the rescue in the repair of both breasts in a single surgery. If the abdomen is not suitable, the back muscles may be combined with prosthesis and used bi-laterally for transposition to the anterior side. If the chest muscles have not been removed and other methods are not applicable, the repair is performed through the use of prosthesis."

Indicating that it takes 3-4 months for the breast to attain its final shape once it is formed, Dr.Okumuş says that once the breast takes on its final shape, the final step of the procedure is the formation of the nipple and the brown aureole around the nipple.

Dr. Okumuş states that a problem-free repair process results in a successful outcome and that corrections performed on the healthy breast during the same surgery provide more aesthetic results.

Dr. Okumuş also points out that breast cancer repair is no longer merely a matter of breast resection and the removal of the cancerous tissue. He says individual psychological problems caused by the loss of the breast should also be taken into consideration in planning the repair.

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