Dental Care in Croatia

Croatia - Your New Hub for Dental Care

ver the last few years, Croatia has been a tourist attraction for people from all over the world, but it is now attracting a new category of travelers. It is considered a hub of medical tourism, in particular for individuals from European countries to get dental treatment. People are traveling to Croatia from many countries, like the US and Canada. Similarly, Europeans are not behind in this respect as a huge number of dental patients from England, Ireland, Italy, and Turkey are heading to Croatia.      


Croatia is home to some of the best dentists on the planet. And you can consider a holiday with an appointment for cosmetic dentistry or dental implants as Croatia is one of the sunniest spots in Europe. It is also accessible and requires an airplane trip of just 4 hours. With your dental treatment, you can visit islands like Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik or exotic and pebbled beaches, like Zlatni Rat and Nugal. The country’s capital is a heaven for coffee lovers.       


The burning question is what is fueling the newfound dental craze in Croatia?

It is often said that a smile says a thousand words, but this smile is often incomplete when you have dental problems. The WHO revealed a startling fact that nearly 60% to 90% of children and 100% of adults throughout the world have dental cavities.


 A few of the dental procedures that are offered in Croatia are:

People are traveling to Croatia because it has loads of dentists or medical professionals that have gained education in Zagreb’s prestigious School of Dental Medicine. The doctors here are certified and experienced and are members of Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Society of Periodontology and Croatian Medical Association. Another reason for the dental craze in Croatia is the competitive prices that the country offers for various dental procedures. For example, tooth extraction costs $135 on an average in the United Kingdom and just $40 in Croatia.


The low prices, however, don’t compromise on the quality of the treatment, which is held to highest standards of safety and care. This is due to the use of latest equipment which is supplemented by strong infrastructural support. So, visit Croatia and we guarantee your dental trip will turn out to be a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. 



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