The Rise of Medical Tourism in the UAE

Dubai’s Trial by Fire:The Demands of a Highly Developed Medical Tourism Market

Dubai, the pinnacle of economic growth and development in not only the United Arabic Emirates but also the contemporary world, is a textbook example of intelligent economic policy making and dedicated investment planning. The current state of Dubai is an impressive example of perfectly well-organized and timed capitalist development where infrastructure has played an integral role in establishing the fundamentals of the modern-day dream city of Dubai.

Healthcare was one of the primary concerns of the dreamers and developers of Dubai when they began the project in the 1990’s, as the Arabic nations are notoriously famous for ignoring healthcare and not working on its infrastructure, affiliating the dooms and misfortunes of such negligence with the divine will and order. Dubai’s healthcare investments, therefore, have provided the residents of the city with state of the art facilities such as hospitals, research centers, examination facilities, pharmacies and other related services, having therefore raised the standards of living in the region for all to take heed and example.

Medical Tourism in Dubai

Medical tourism to Dubai therefore also became an extremely popular thing for the residents of neighboring cities and countries where it was impossible to find advanced, reliable and effective healthcare, while demand for it kept rising. Dubai’s government has been more than interested and indulged in the prospect of future medical tourism beginning with the 2000’s, establishing a goal of attracting 500,000 patients to Dubai by 2020, while the city managed to attract more than 600,000 people in 2015, signifying that the plans and estimates have already been met, with 46% of these people being foreigners.

Again, it is understood that the services, facilities, and possibilities that Dubai provides to its visitors with respect to healthcare are unique and therefore it is rather normal for the city and its planners to rely on the tourism income to further plan their actions, hoping to serve the people from all over the globe with medical services that they require. Not only is the sector extremely profitable but it also helps build a better image for the city and her aspirations to become one of the most developed places of the emerging global order.  

Top healthcare options

Dubai has a unique approach to the issue of healthcare, and especially medical tourism, because it seeks to integrate luxurious hotel accommodations with state-of-the-art technology and facilities in healthcare applications. In other cases with similar goals, it is observed that the business scheme either emphasizes the role of the accommodation and keeps standards way too high to appease the clients or it emphasizes the role of the medical facilities to appease the rational thinking of the clients, with no balance found in between. Therefore, the customers are almost always stuck in the middle of the decision-making process and are rarely satisfied in both of these aspects.

In the case of Dubai and its medical tourism possibilities, it is seen that satisfaction in both aspects is achieved through smart planning and competitive business mechanisms. Although the prices for Dubai’s medical services and facilities are higher compared to other options, so are the quality and reliability levels. Because of this, Dubai is the rising trend in medical tourism and it is obvious that, in the near future, the city will construct further infrastructure and therefore begin to appeal to a larger number of possible customers with a variety of different demands and needs for medical attention.

The future of medical tourism in Dubai

The future of medical tourism in Dubai will be a battle of marketing objectives for the active players in the city, as the market within Dubai has been saturated, meaning that the future will see Dubai reach out into other markets of the world. Considering that global competition rests upon the principles of profit maximization and market expansion, the future of Dubai policy makers who are concerned about dominance in the markets will shape around their capabilities to evaluate the global markets and act accordingly.

The profit maximization schemes will push for further technological developments which will increase the number of customers and decrease the costs associated with their treatments. Higher technological investments will also increase the efficiency of the services and the resultant improvement of the city’s reputation will attract even more customers. The market expansion in this sense will be reliant upon technological development, which, in turn, will rely upon further global integration. Considering how fast reputation attracts people in the developed societies of the world, Dubai’s further rise to fame as a possible solution center for all medical problems of humankind ensures that the city will attract a lot more people in the future.

It will be a challenge for the city’s medical infrastructure, policy-based approach and economic capabilities to meet such a high demand and therefore the most important thing to pay attention to within the context of Dubai’s future with medical tourism is the city’s consistency about the promises that were made to the global market about its extremely versatile and advanced infrastructure.   

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