PlacidWay and Mexicali Obesity Solutions giving a new hope against Obesity

Denver, Colorado:  The demand for obesity surgeries is growing in the United States, but many Americans are doing without because of the astronomical costs associated with bariatric weight-loss surgical procedures performed in the United States. PlacidWay, a medical tourism and medical travel portal, seeks to provide opportunities and resources for individuals seeking bariatric surgeries and knows that Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for affordable, expert, and experienced bariatric surgeons.

PlacidWay has joined efforts with the Mexicali Obesity Surgery Center in Mexico, founded by Dr. Marco Sariñana, an expert gastric and bariatric surgeon who has performed hundreds of sleaze gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y bypass surgery, gastric banding, lap band, laparoscopic, and gastric balloon surgeries, among other procedures and techniques.

Dr. Marco Sariñana was a Faculty Member of Medicine in Mexicali from 1994 to 2000, specializing in general surgery at the General Surgery Hospital from 2003 to 2005 before launching Mexicali Obesity Solutions. Offering procedures in both malabsorption and restrictive bariatric surgery procedures, Dr. Sariñana, an expert at endoscopic and bariatric surgical techniques has helped patients from around the world achieve long term weight loss goals.

Says Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay, "We are proud to announce our close association with Dr. Sariñana and Mexicali Obesity Solutions. Dr. Sariñana's training, expertise and experience in this field has propelled him and his clinic to the forefront of obesity weight loss surgeries."

The partnership between Sariñana and Goel's organization provide new and affordable options in medical tourism and provide options for millions suffering from obesity and related health problems. Says Dr. Sariñana, "I have performed hundreds of bariatric and gastric bypass treatments and procedures for a variety of obesity and bariatric needs and continue to offer quality care in treatments, qualifications and procedures in Mexico and Latin America. Obesity causes related health problems including sleep apnea, increased risk of heart attack or stroke and increased risk of cancer. We at Mexicali Obesity Solutions offer hope to individuals seeking not only a more aesthetic appearance, but improved and long-term health."

Dr. Sariñana and
Mexico Obesity Solutions offer packages for individuals seeking bariatric surgical procedures in Mexicali. Affordable gastric balloon, gastric band, and gastric sleeve procedure packages are available for between $5,000 and $10,000, which includes accommodations, and covers fees such as anesthesia, medications, hospital fees, consultations, examinations, and all lab and imaging tests.

PlacidWay, a Colorado-based online resource for foreign medical travel and medical tourism, is a key force in this growing market. PlacidWay is a fast growing medical tourism resource that offers in-depth profiles of medical facilities found around the globe including accredited and world-renowned hospitals and clinics located throughout Asia, Latin America, South Africa, and Europe. PlacidWay continues to research and carefully select medical healthcare facilities and physicians to add to their growing network of resources for consumers searching for affordable yet quality healthcare and services.

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