Dr. Teo Albarano, Director of To B. Wellbeing & Medical Health, on the treatment offered at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz describes itself as a unique world of healthy wellbeing.

What does that mean exactly?
In a nutshell, it means that our guests enjoy complete, first-class medical treatment in a five-star atmosphere. They are given professional care from our 70-strong, interdisciplinary team of doctors and therapists working in specific fields, such as movement and sports, rheumatology, body weight and nutrition and beauty and vascular care. Our medical-therapeutic treatments are complemented by our “To B. Wellbeing & Spa.” The opulent offerings there include massages and beauty treatments, sports in and around the relaxing aquatic complex with its own Bad Ragaz thermal waters, whose healing properties were already known centuries ago. This superb oasis of wellbeing, as it were, offers a great deal of peace and balance.

Are there other areas where one also sees the blending of wellbeing and medical health?
Naturally, for holistic wellbeing, nutrition and sleep also play a major role. For example, we created a brand of gastronomy called "Cuisine Equilibrée." It is based on the philosophy "delicious – balanced – sensible" and was developed in cooperation with doctors and nutrition experts. In addition, we offer a healthy and exclusive culture of sleep, since our nightly rest phase, which is connected to cell regeneration, is very significant for our complete wellbeing. Our guest can choose between Bico mattresses, Air- Touch air beds or box spring beds, anti-aging pillows with vitamin E, which is effective against aging cells, or even spelt-filled pillows, which regulate dampness and prevent, among other things, a person’s head from perspiring. This wellbeing portfolio is complemented by our medical skills in the sleep laboratory.

The Prevention module in your offer includes a so-called "Business Check." Could you explain what that means?
The Business Check consists of a total body check-up to ascertain the central body and organ functions. One core aspect is diagnosing risk factors, like heart attacks and strokes. One of the modules comprises a check-up of the coronary arteries using a CT scanner, a heart profile analysis (echocardiogram), ultra-sound, a vascular check-up, a lab analysis and a lactate step test with an electrocardiogram. In addition, every Business Check comes with a Back-Check test and a shape and mobility test of the spine. A biocheckup can also be included in the program as an option. It gives data on nutrition reports, fatty acid profiles, antioxidants, vitamins and tracer elements, coronary vessels and diabetes risk. The program is designed individually and naturally adapted to the guest's state of health.

Dr. Teo Albarano holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Zurich. He went on to study pharmaceutical medicine. He has 15 years' experience in clinical medical research. In addition, he holds an executive MBA from the University of Zurich and has certification as a wellness masseur from the Massage Vocational School of Zurich. The guest's general state of health is analyzed thoroughly, weak points and risk factors are identified and written into a personal treatment program. "To B. Balance" and "To B. Deluxe Check" involve in-depth analysis of the whole body, while "To B. Business Check" consists of a short three-day program (with two overnight stays) during which the person is offered a kind of situation analysis. The checks are carried out by experienced doctors, therapists and wellbeing staffers in a five-star environment. Guests are given well-balanced nutrition during their stay, a product of the resort’s own healthy gastronomy known as "Cuisine Equilibrée."

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