Great Grins Smile those Pearly Whites

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Great Grins: Smile those Pearly Whites

By Dr. Chanele M. Pornillos DMD, MN,MSHSE

Do you admire your favorite act or’s flawless smile? Ever wonder how actors and actresses have gotten those picture-perfect teeth? Have you ever asked yourself how can I get those same perfectly-aligned pearly-white teeth? The answer: Dental Veneers. 

Dental  Veneers are thin custom-made casing placed on the front surface of teeth. It is used to fix misaligned or irregularly shaped tooth, fractured tooth, discolored teeth, and for closing small spaces between teeth. Dental Veneers is just one of the many dental options under Cosmetic dentistry. 

Cosmetic Dentistry or Esthetic Dentistry primarily focuses on improving the color, shape and appearance of teeth, which in turn enriches the overall appearance of a patient. This field of dentistry traces its roots way back in the ancient times, when Egyptians used a range of materials from seashells to gold to make their teeth look more attractive. This is quite conservative when compared to methods of improving appearance in the early 20 century. During this time, movie films are starting to become popular, and actors need to physically appeal to the growing number of movie goers. American actresses purposely have their molars extracted, so that their cheek their cheek pads drop to the spaces of their lost teeth, giving an illusion of a more prominent cheek-bone and a smaller contoured jaw, an essential measure of beauty at that era. 

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry started in the 1980’s during the introduction of new tooth -colored materials. Since then, a wider range of services became available for clients. To take you to the process of customized cosmetic dental service, the dentist will start by asking the primary concern of the client. This is followed by a detailed medical and dental history, then a thorough dental examination. This information, as well as other factors like budget and duration of treatment, will be considered before arriving at what specific treatment the client needs. The array of services includes light-activated teeth whitening material, tooth-colored restorations, metal-free crowns, gum prostheses, and dental implants.

The need for affordable cosmetic dentistry has never been greater, and so traveling abroad to get better prices is very much an option. How far would you travel to see the dentist?

Look no more!

The Philippines is one of the top 10 best destinations for dental treatment abroad. It is an exotic tropical country with excellent dentistry for reasonable prices. Enjoy the renowned hospitality and blissful leisure while you receive your care. As for the best healthcare facility in the Philippines, there would be no other trusted brand but The Medical City!

Cosmetic dentistry in The Medical City Clark in the Philippines has changed many people's lives – no longer have they to feel self-conscious about their teeth, ecause they can get a beautiful smile with simple procedures. Known as a “smile makeover,” this is a term to describe any type of cosmetic dental enhancement, from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers.

In The Medical City Clark, we have all sorts of dental needs that a client may refer to; Cosmetic Dentist Consultations, Restorative Dentist Consultations, Teeth Contouring and Reshaping, Teeth Whitening and the like. Clients who had cosmetic dental treatments became more attractive physically and helped them look younger . This also improved their psychological outlook as well. They became confident and more comfortable with themselves. This also facilitated better relationship with peers and partners. In short, its benefits outweigh the cost. In general, cosmetic dental treatment is not only an investment for yourself; it can be a great investment for someone you care about .

If you are interested to improve those pearly whites, come visit The Medical City in the Philippines, that provides high quality dental services and oral health promotion tailored to suit your individual needs and let your friendly dentist check out those teeth.

About the author

Dentistry in Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines Dr. Chanele M. Pornillos DMD, MN, MSHSE

Dr. Chanele M. Pornillos DMD, MN, MSHSE had his Private Dental Practice (General Dentistry) at Martinez Dental Clinic, Angeles City in 2003 to 2009. He also became a Staff Nurse for Mercedes Medical Center, Angeles City in 2005 to 2006. On July 2006, Dr. Pornillos became the Head Nurse of the Intensive Care Unit of Mercedes Medical Center and soon after became the Nurse supervisor of the same institution in March 2007 up to June of 2008. Later, he became the Chief Nurse of MMC on June 2008 to June 2009. On June 2009, Dr. Pornilllos became an inst ructor in San Beda College of Nursing in Manila and soon after became an assistant professor of the University of the East, College of Dentistry. As of today Dr. Pornillos is an Active Consultant at The Medical City Clark.

You can now have that movie star smile with a simple procedure. You just have to contact us and make an appointment!

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by: Dr. Chanele M. Pornillos DMD, MN, MSHSE

2017-09-28 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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